Use of City Meeting Facilities

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Preeti Shridhar

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Mayor Denis Law


Provide guidance for the priority and use of City meeting spaces.


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Use of City meeting space is guided by several fundamental principles. The City’s meeting facilities are available for meetings and events that:

4.1    Support our civic purpose. These activities facilitate City Council and City departments in carrying out their missions and business, and puts the common good and public interest above individual interests.

4.2    Support public dialogue. These activities engage citizens in discussions about topics and issues affecting them, especially governmental initiatives. This gives citizens an opportunity to listen to other views and enlarge or possibly change their own point of view.

4.3    Support community programs. These activities provide a forum for citizens to connect to each other and the City they call home. They provide publicly accessible programs that provide a benefit to our local community.

4.4    Support Renton’s economic development and vitality. These events substantially contribute to making Renton’s economy strong, stable, and sustainable.


5.1    Public meeting facilities: Council Chambers (City Hall room #702); Council Conference Room (City Hall room #720); Conferencing Center (City Hall room #726).

5.2    City-only meeting rooms: all meeting spaces on other floors at Renton City Hall.

5.3    Public event facilities: Community Services-managed facilities including fields and gym, Renton Community Center, Carco Theatre, Senior Activity Center, neighborhood centers in Renton Highlands and North Highlands.

5.4    Fire Station facilities: Classrooms and tower at Fire Stations 13 and 14.

5.5    Maintenance Shop Conference Room: Classroom located at Maintenance Shop.


6.1    User Priority. City facilities are an important resource for the City in conducting its business as well as for the community. Public event facilities are designed with the community in mind and are the first resource for members of the public to hold meetings and events. Activities that have a natural relationship to the City’s core business (e.g., other government agencies, regional activities) or that contribute to the livability, health or economic vitality of the Renton community are also a priority use for public meeting facilities and City-only meeting spaces. The following priority is used to help us equitably address demand for City Hall facilities without compromising the City’s ability to conduct its business and deliver services. Please note: all meetings that are not specifically City of Renton business are reviewed on a case-by-case basis before use is approved by the Mayor’s Office.

6.1.1    City of Renton. City Council and City of Renton departments need to preserve our ability to provide public services and to have the opportunity to carry out their missions and conduct their business. Examples: City board and commission meetings, City department meetings or sponsored events, City Council meetings, other governmental agency meetings. This category would include situations where the City may coordinate space use for professional organizations in exchange for tuition for employees, or professional organizations that have City employees as participants, where the City’s gain is in the area of leadership development.

6.1.2    Regional and Other Governments. These support the City’s core business and civic purpose. They also keep us tied to and engaged with our broader governmental community. Examples: public meetings and hearings, workshops, advisory groups, other City and district classes and trainings, public opinion polling, development project open houses, school district meetings.

6.1.3    Community Programs. After City business needs have been met, City Hall becomes an important resource for the Renton community, including, but not limited to, neighborhood and community associations, civic organizations, and local non-profits. Examples: Neighborhood association meetings, community group meetings, local non-profit events.

6.1.4    Other. City Hall facilities are available to other groups if the use is supported by our guiding principles. Examples: economic development functions and partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce, Renton Downtown Association, and other business and professional groups. It is not our practice to make space available for private events or for-profit groups since they generally serve the interests of select groups or individuals who have reasonable access to other venues.

6.2    Availability of Public Meeting (City Hall) Facilities. Availability guidelines for all non-City and non-governmental users are established to ensure that the use of City Hall facilities doesn’t diminish the City’s ability to deliver services to the public and to provide equal access to users.

6.2.1    The City of Renton’s Mayor’s Office receives and coordinates the reservation priority and allowed uses for public meeting facilities, and facilitates the assistance of the Facilities Division and Information Services Division for needed support.

6.2.2    Departmental representatives are responsible for scheduling City-only meeting rooms, which are generally only scheduled with the participation and involvement of City staff.

6.2.3    During City Hall’s normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, meeting space and visitor parking is preserved for conducting City business (including the business of other governmental agencies). If space permits, community and other programs can reserve meeting rooms during normal business hours if it’s determined that the use supports our guiding principles. Approval by the Mayor’s Office is required.

6.2.4    For public meeting, community and other program facility use, the City does not make available personal computers, projectors, audio/video, photocopiers, telephones, electrical equipment or presentation furnishings for outside use. Groups may bring their own equipment, but are responsible for their own setup and troubleshooting.

6.2.5    In the event the public meeting facilities are not available or a group does not meet the criteria for use, the Mayor’s Office maintains a list of meeting facilities in the Renton area, including City of Renton locations (such as Renton Community Center, Carco Theatre, neighborhood centers, and fire stations). The list also includes non-City locations, such as hotels, libraries, restaurants, and banquet facilities. Contact the Mayor’s Office at 425-430-6500 to receive the most updated list.

6.3    Availability of Public Event Facilities. Reservation information for Renton Community Center is available by calling 425-430-6700. Reservation information for Highlands Neighborhood Center and North Highlands Neighborhood Center is available by calling Tom Puthoff at 425-430-6766. Information regarding Carco Theatre is available at info@carcotheatre.org or 206.453.1489.

6.4    Availability of Fire Station Facilities. The Fire & Emergency Services Department receives and coordinates reservations for FES Facilities. For reservation information, call Fire & Emergency Services Administration at 425-430-7000.

6.5    Availability of Maintenance Shop Conference Room. The Maintenance Shop Conference Room is available from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reservation information is available by calling 425-430-7400.