Department: Finance Print Shop

Effective Date:    8/12/96

Supersedes:    8/19/91

Staff Contact:    V. Runkle

Approved by:    Jesse Tanner


To establish policy and procedure for the Print Shop reproduction services.


All department, divisions, boards, and commissions.




The Print Shop provides reproduction services for all departments and divisions and maintains fast step-up copy service for all personnel on the small copier. Plastic comb binding and letter folding is accessible to all personnel. Printing personnel assistance is required for carbonless forms, reproduction of photographs, layout and paste-up services, use of graphic arts equipment, bindery services and color printing. Metallic foiling is available and requesting departments will be charged for the foil when ordered.

Service is not provided for the general public or for outside agencies. Labor and materials are ordinarily not charged to city department and division budgets, although Federal aid projects are billed for labor and materials when necessary. Material costs are charged for large orders of special non-stocked papers and/or very large orders in which case printing personnel should be consulted in order to provide the stock in a timely manner.

The Print Shop will not make copies of any materials that are clearly a violation of copyright laws. When a department asks for such copies, the Print Shop will request a copy of the creator’s permission for use of the materials.


5.1    Supplies: Envelopes and paper for city copiers are stored in the Print Shop. Binding supplies, city forms, scratch pads, and printed envelopes are kept stocked on shelves in the Print Shop for easy access to all personnel as needed. These include:

Action Memos

Leave Requests

Inter-office Correspondence

Telephone Pads (regular and long distance)

Lined Tablets

Things To Do Today

5.2    Bindery Services: These services consist of spiral binding with plastic combs, therma-binding (hot glue) for more permanent documents, cold padding with glue, and drilling with three-hole Acco fasteners. Center stitching is available with certain restrictions on multi-page print jobs. Consult printing staff for information on volume, etc.

5.3    Graphic Arts Equipment: A darkroom camera is available for screening, halftones of photos, and special quality work. A graphics typesetter and computer station is used for similar work and forms design. An offset press prints carbonless forms, letterhead, envelopes, and high volume work with two-color capability. A 26-inch hydraulic cutter, Therm-a-bind T320 hot glue binder, electric drill punch, Martin Yale folder, platemaker, Ibico plastic comb binder, 20-bin collator, and a foil machine are also in the shop.

5.4    Forms Control: Original forms from most all departments/divisions are filed in the Print Shop. Metal plates are filed for the offset press printing service. Form design is available in the shop and is required for special setups i.e. color, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, mailing forms, etc. on the advice of print staff.

5.5    Color Printing:

The Print Shop is capable of color with certain limitations. Full-color photo type work is not possible. Print staff must be consulted as to feasibility and time turn-around.

These general rules apply:

1.    High volume of over 1,000 8.5x11" sheets or larger are limited to 1-color + black ink (if 2-colors without black are requested, extra time is required for scheduling). The MAXIMUM quantity is 15,000 11x17" two-sided sheets per order. Three to five working days are required for ordering, scheduling, printing, and bindery work.

2.    Small runs of less than 500 8.5x11: single sheets and small documents are possible in 3-colors + black. (Colors are: red, blue, yellow + black). A typical use is for graphs and maps in manuals and presentations. Two to three working days are usually required for this procedure and require consulting printing staff on a per job basis.


6.1    Complete Print Shop Job Order Form when requesting services including pertinent information such as deadline or special paper or ink requirements. This will allow scheduling and ordering of any special materials necessary. E-Mail is also used but only for related orders at staff discretion.

6.2    Two to five working days are required as outlined above in 5.5 to complete a Job Order, depending on workload and obtaining special materials requested.

6.3    When a Job Order is completed, the department is called for pickup.

6.4    All department’s personnel have direct access to the small copier, small letter folder, and the plastic comb binder for their use. All other equipment in the Print Shop is to be operated by Print Shop staff ONLY.

6.5    When foiling and other non-regular jobs are requested, the requesting department will be asked to pay for non-routine supplies or jobs. Examples include: cost of the foil, custom paper stock, perforation of applications and sending jobs outside.