Department: Finance

Effective Date:    8/12/96

Supersedes:    9/10/85

Staff Contact:    V. Runkle

Approved by:    Jesse Tanner


To establish policy and procedure for mail services to the City of Renton offices.


All department/divisions/boards and commissions.




The Print Shop is responsible for the sorting and distribution of incoming United States mail to each department/division. The City’s outgoing mail is also organized by the Print Shop and accounts for the services of the outside vendor.


5.1    Interdepartmental Mail: Interdepartmental mail is all inter-office correspondence within the City and is distributed by department staff in the mailroom office boxes.

5.2    Incoming Mail: Incoming U.S. mail is received each morning through the United States Postal Service and is placed in the mailroom for distribution to departments by the Print Shop.

5.3    Outgoing Mail: Outgoing mail is all mail to be metered according to USPS standards or by outside vendors and sent outside City Hall. The outgoing tubs are marked by zip codes and size of mail and are organized in the mailroom.

5.4    Bulk Mail: The City receives discounted rates utilizing a USPS bulk mail permit for all mail falling within bulk guidelines. All pieces must be the same within a mailing. Examples are meeting notices, informational flyers, newsletters and mail of a non-personal nature with a minimum of 200 pieces per mailing. Billings and checks are not allowable as bulk mail.

5.5    Business Reply Mail: The City holds a Business Reply mail permit which enables departments to receive mail back from recipients by paying First-Class postage only on the mail which is returned to them from their original mailing. (The original mailing goes at normal related rates.) The department pays First-Class postage plus a handling fee per piece in advance of the Business Reply mailing to the Post Office.


6.1    Mail Sorting: U.S. mail is delivered each morning to the Mailroom, where it is sorted by Print Shop staff to the appropriate department. Departments send staff to pick up mail after 9:30a.m. Interdepartmental mail is sorted throughout the day by the department’s staff placing mail in the boxes located in the Finance Department, first floor, Mailroom..

6.2    Outgoing Mail: Each department/division is responsible for delivering outgoing mail to the Mailroom, first floor, Municipal Building, by 3:00pm. Mail must be properly addressed, grouped by assigned dept. account numbers, and placed in the containers sorted by size and zip code. There are three containers; one for 980, 981, and 985 zip code lettersized envelopes, one for all other zip letter sized envelopes, and the third for flats and parcels of all zips. Letters need not be sealed but must be grouped by handful amounts with rubber bands for security. The outgoing mail is collected from the mailroom at 3:00p.m. daily by the outside vendor who meters the mail and routes it to the Post Office.

6.3    Bulk Mail: In applicable larger mailings of 200 or more same pieces, bulk mail must be sorted and organized by the Print Shop staff for coordination with the outside vendor. Bulk mail usually takes a day longer in delivery as it is not routed First-Class priority. Departments must notify staff in advance of a mailing for proper preparation according to USPS standards. When mailings are not generated in the Print Shop bulk mail is to be zip code sorted and brought to the Print Shop for preparation.

6.4    Billing Statement: The mail vendor provides a weekly bill sorted by accounts and classes of mail and total pieces handled.Special requests can be handled and billed, if the department so desires. The bill is paid twice a month with the city’s accounts payable schedule.

6.5    Package Delivery and Pickup

Deliveries - Unless specified by the department, packages are placed in the mailroom as they are delivered and departments are notified to send staff for pickup. If a department is waiting for a critical package, it should look periodically in the mailroom or have the package delivered directly.

Pickups - Package pickups can be handled in these ways:

1.    Direct collection at the department can be requested from Federal Express, UPS, or other vendors

2.    In the case of incorrect shipments the department can leave the package in the mailroom in the designated area for the vendor courier to pick up and the DEPARTMENT MUST CALL the vendor for pickup. If using the mailroom for UPS pickup request “groundtracking” in case of loss.

3.    The department can send mail by UPS through our mail vendor by leaving the package in the mailroom collection area and writing UPS on the package for the 3:00p.m. pickup. It is advised to use “groundtracking” whenever necessary.