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Number:    250-15

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Michael E. Bailey

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Kathy Keolker

1.0    PURPOSE:

To establish a citywide policy and procedure that assigns central management responsibility, and assigns responsibilities to each department/division regarding: procurement of computer technology, network servers, printers, network devices (routers, hubs, switches, etc.) and other technology/electronic devices, maintenance contracts, usage tracking, equipment maintenance, purchase order processing, procurement of operating supplies, and equipment usage.

This policy is necessary to control and standardize the computer technology and associated devices used by the City to ensure that the City obtains the best government pricing, service level, maintains technology standards where appropriate, available computer technology including all computer technology and associated devices, maintenance services, accessories, and operating supplies.


All departments/divisions of the City of Renton and any agencies contracting with the City of Renton to support its technology needs.


Policy 100-05:     Disclosure of Public Records and Information

Policy 210-15:     E-Mail System
    Policy 240-06:     Internet Access and Use

Policy 250-13:     Copier and Fax Machine Procurement, Management, and Usage

Policy 250-14:     Procurement, Management, and Usage of Cell Phones, PDAs, Pagers, and

Other Personal Electronic Devices

4.0    POLICY:

It is the policy of the City of Renton to centrally manage the purchase, lease, or rent of all computer technology including micro-computers, network servers, printers, network devices (routers, hubs, switches, etc.) and other technology/electronic devices based on the needs of the departments/divisions. It is also the policy of the City of Renton to centrally manage and control the negotiation and approval of all maintenance contracts on all computer technology and associated devices. The Information Services Division of the Finance & Information Services Department is assigned the central management and control responsibilities.

No City department/division is to individually contract, purchase, lease, rent, or obtain computer technology and associated devices that are not negotiated and procured through the central process controlled and managed by the Information Services Division.


5.1    Micro-computer: A desktop/display, laptop, tablet pc, hand-held, or mobile device used by staff in the conduct of City business.

5.2    Network Equipment: A switch, router, uninterruptible power supply, hub, monitoring equipment, firewalls, intrusion detection devices, virus/spam scanners and other equipment central to the functioning of the City’s network infrastructure.

5.3    Network Server: A server is defined as equipment capable of hosting an application, database, print/file services or providing those services necessary to the functional requirements of the City’s networking system.

5.4    Printer: Any printer that is connected to the City’s network.

5.5    Peripheral Equipment: Includes but is not limited to scanners, modems, special drive devices.

5.6    Other Technology/Electronic Devices: This category should be construed broadly and includes any device used for personal productivity that connects to the City’s networking system, commercial or private telecommunications carrier.

5.7    Designated Department/Division Staff: For the purpose of this policy, designated department/division staff are persons in each department/division that are assigned to a responsibility by their department/division management.

5.8    IS Division: For the purpose of this policy, the IS Division is the Information Services Division of the Finance & Information Services Department. Contact the Information Services Division Help Desk at 425.430.6870.

5.9    Staff: For the purpose of this policy, staff means those employed by the City.


6.1    Information Services Division’s (IS Division) responsibilities:

6.1.1    The IS Division oversees and manages all computer technology and associated devices policy and procedures. Information Services is responsible for the centralized management and control on the purchase, lease, or rental of all computer technology and associated devices and maintenance contracts for the City of Renton.

6.1.2    The IS Division is responsible for maintaining a record of all computer technology and associated devices within the City, which record includes the make, model, serial number, purchase information, and other identified data. Information Services uses this record to identify the equipment assets and to identify equipment that needs to be upgraded or downgraded.

6.1.3    It is the sole responsibility of the IS Division to contact computer technology and associated devices vendor(s) to identify and negotiate the purchase, lease, or rental of all computer technology and associated devices on behalf of the City. The IS Division will consult with customers and users, and utilize their expertise when in the best interest of the City.

6.1.4    Information Services, in concert with City departments, will manage the City’s computer replacement program based on a five year replacement cycle.

6.1.5    Information Services will develop and modify, based on need, the computer standards employed by the City.

6.1.6    Information Services may monitor technology usage for performance benchmarking, virus/spam filtering/avoidance, intrusion detection, and file storage capacity trending. All information produced or obtained using the City’s technology systems is subject to the City’s Disclosure of Public Records and Information Policy as referenced and is the property of the City of Renton.

6.2    Department/Division Management responsibilities:

6.2.1    Responsible for identifying their designated staff member to work with the IS Division in identifying replacement and/or new needs within the department.

6.3    Designated Department/Division Staff responsibilities:

6.3.1    Designated department/division staff shall assure that all supplies required by computer technology and associated devices vendor under their responsibility are in stock and available for the equipment to include printer toner cartridge inventory/ordering. Staff shall arrange, through IS, for the procurement of any needed supplies. Supplies for some equipment may be obtained from suppliers other than the original equipment vendor/manufacture for cost or vendor performance reasons.

6.3.2    Designated department/division staff shall place all needed service calls for assigned equipment through the IS Division Help Desk. All maintenance or repair service calls relating to this equipment shall be handled in accordance with the maintenance contract between the City and the vendor for that equipment.

6.3.3    Designated department/division staff shall work with the IS Division staff to communicate present and future technology plans to assist Information Services in the development of a Capital Improvement Program designed to meet the business and operating needs of the department and City.

6.4    Computer technology and associated device usage:

6.4.1    Computer technology and associated devices are acquired for business use by staff. However, some “occasional but limited” personal use of equipment/devices covered by this policy may be permitted (see 6.4.2). Each department shall monitor and manage the use of technology equipment by its employees. IS Division staff shall assist departments in this responsibility as requested.

6.4.2    “Occasional but limited” use as defined by WAC 292-110-010 is permitted. Examples of “occasional but limited" use as defined by WAC 292-110-010 include:    Use of e-mail (or phone) during breaks to confirm that children have arrived home safely from school;    Wishing a “happy birthday” or advising of an “agency” social event over e-mail;    Advising employees of recreation community center activities or opportunities;    Use of the Internet to retrieve general information during non-working time (i.e., reading the newspaper on-line).

6.5    Computer technology and associated device training:

6.5.1    Each staff member using a micro-computer receives a copy of the City’s Computer Handbook (also available on the Intranet) and training from IS Division staff prior to using the City’s computing systems.    This handbook describes how the system is best used and provides short tutorials on system access, mail/messaging, office productivity suites, timesheet program, computer viruses, and periodic maintenance.


7.1    It is the responsibility of department administrators to monitor and manage adherence to this policy.

7.2    Department administrators, or their designees shall monitor employee conduct to assure compliance with the policy.

7.3    IS Division staff will assist with policy compliance matters as needed.