Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    11-1-1982


Prepared by:    J. McFarland

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish standardized guidelines for handling grievance actions filed by employees of the City of Renton represented by bargaining units which contain specific grievance clauses and employees, represented or non-represented, who exercise their rights pursuant to Paragraph F of the City of Renton Fair Employment Practices and Affirmative Action Plan.


All departments/divisions.


3.1    Current Labor Agreement between AFSCME Local 21-R and the City of Renton.

3.2    Current Labor Agreement between IAFF Local 864 and the City of Renton.

3.3    Current Labor Agreement between Renton Police Officers' Guild and the City of Renton.

3.4    City of Renton Fair Employment Practices and Affirmative Action Plan.


It is the policy of the City of Renton to objectively and expeditiously hear all grievances brought by city employees with the intent of adjudicating all matters in a fair and just manner. It is recognized that a legitimate and agreed upon process has been established through the various labor contracts representing city employees and through adoption of the Fair Employment Practices Plan. All employees are expected to adhere to the requirements delineated in the appropriate document when filing a grievance. Supervisory employees responsible for adjudication of grievances are expected to adhere to those requirements pertaining to management's responsibility in the grievance process.


5.1    Contractual Grievance:

An issue in dispute between employee(s) and the employer over interpretation of administration of the labor agreement pertaining to the bargaining unit which represents the employee. Each labor agreement contains a preamble within the grievance clause which delineates the scope and intent of the clause. The preamble should be consulted upon receipt of a grievance by an employee to allow for understanding of the purpose and use of the clause.

5.2    Discrimination Grievance:

Any dispute based on a complaint of unfair treatment due to age, sex, race, religion, national origin, or handicapped condition. Prohibition of discrimination is contained both in the Renton Fair Employment Practices Policy and in the various labor agreements.


6.1    In order to keep an accurate record of observances to specific timetables and to insure accountability, the official receiving the grievance at Step 1 of the process, and at each succeeding step, will register the date of receipt and sign acknowledging receipt on the grievance form. If the grievance is presented orally, as allowed in certain agreements, a memorandum of record will be prepared, specifying the name of the aggrieved party, the nature of the grievance, the relief sought and the date received.

6.2    Officials who receive and review grievances should, at a minimum, observe the following:

6.2.1    Be familiar with the contractual requirements and guidance contained in the appropriate labor contracts.

6.2.2    Check to insure that the grievance was filed within the time guidelines specified in the appropriate labor agreement, and that it was filed at the right step.

6.2.3    Gather and record in writing all pertinent facts concerning the grievance upon which to base your decision.

6.2.4    Be continuously aware of the contractual timetables to insure that they are not violated by the union or by management during the hearing process at each step.

6.3    Questions or requests for additional guidance concerning procedural or substantive matters relating to the grievance, should be directed to the Personnel Department.