Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    1-1-92

Supersedes:    11-1-82

Staff Contact:    J. McFarland, D. Bates

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To prescribe the procedures for hiring and to delineate staff responsibilities for the administration of hourly/non-regular employees.


All departments/divisions.


3.1    Policy & Procedure 330-11, Types of Employees

3.2    City of Renton Employment Agreement for hourly/non-regular employment

3.3    Form W-4

3.4    Form I-9

3.5    Minor Work Permit

3.6    Department of Retirement Systems (PERS) definition of eligible position

3.7    New Hire Checklist

3.8    WSP Disclosure Statement


Not applicable


Hourly and non-regular are synonymous and refer to employees or positions that are seasonal or require work of a short duration. Hourly/non-regular employees shall not work in excess of 1500 hours in a calendar year and are subject to PERS eligibility requirements.


6.1    The Personnel Department will accept applications from the public for hourly/non-regular employment on a continuous basis. Applications will be kept on file for at least six months.

6.2    When an hourly/non-regular vacancy is anticipated and funding is available, the department head of the affected division or his/her designated representative shall request applications from the Personnel Department.

6.3    Upon request, applications on file in the Personnel Department shall be provided to the affected division for review. It shall be the responsibility of the department where the vacancy exists to fill the hourly/non-regular position from the pool of applicants and to ensure that appropriate paperwork and documents are completed and obtained from the employee.

6.3.1    All hourly/non-regular employees shall complete Form W-4, Form I-9, City of Renton Employment Agreement For Hourly-Non-Regular Hires (see attachment #B), Parent/School Authorization For Employment of a Minor (if applicable), WSP Disclosure Statement (if applicable), and be provided with copies of Policy & Procedure 300-05-Alcoholism/Substance Abuse and 300-38-Worker's Compensation. New employees shall provide the employer with a copy of their Social Security card.

6.3.2    All hourly or non-regular employees hired who are required to drive City vehicles on the job must be in possession of a valid Washington State Driver's License; or, employees hired to perform lifesaving must possess a valid Certificate verifying satisfactory completion of a lifesaving program.

6.3.3    All completed documents shall be forwarded to the Personnel Department for processing. Copies of the New Hire Checklist shall be distributed by the hiring department; copies of the Employment Agreement shall be distributed by the Personnel Department when processing is completed.

6.4    Department heads or designated representatives, shall be responsible to ensure that hourly/non-regular employees do not work in excess of the hours specified in the referenced employment agreement. The Personnel Department shall monitor and periodically audit the hours of work of hourly/non-regular employees to ensure compliance.

6.4.1    Positions and employees are subject to PERS eligibility. It shall be the responsibility of the hiring department to designate on the Hourly/Non-Regular Employment Agreement hours of work and the PERS eligibility status.    PERS has defined an eligible position as one which normally requires five or more months of creditable service in a year (any 12-month period). Service means compensated employment for 70 or more hours per month, for both PERS I and PERS II.    PERS EXEMPT: Work schedule shall not exceed 69 hours per calendar month for an indefinite period of time; or, work schedule of 70 hours or more per calendar month for no more than four months in a calendar year. Schedule may be reduced after four months to 69 hours per calendar month; or one-time project whereby an employee may work more than 70 hours each calendar month for the duration of the project.    PERS ELIGIBLE: Work schedule of 70 or more hours per calendar month in excess of five months in a calendar year. The hiring department shall provide the Personnel department with the employee's PERS enrollment form. Employee and employer contributions shall begin with the first day of employment.