Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    11/1/1982


Prepared by:    J. McFarland

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish a procedure for processing new permanent employees into city employment by way of orientation by the Personnel Department and the hiring department.


All departments/divisions.


Not applicable.



Not applicable.


6.1    General (Personnel Department):

6.1.1    New employees are scheduled for an appointment in Personnel on their first day of work for general orientation.

6.1.2    Personnel provides information on general city operations and policies, employee benefits, and union requirements. A copy of the employee's job description, Employee Handbook, New Employee Information Sheet, and Identification Card are provided as well as information concerning enrollment in health and life insurance programs. The employee signs a form in duplicate acknowledging that he/she has received the information and handbook. The employee keeps one copy of the form and the other is placed in his/her personnel file.

6.1.3    All new employees will be oriented on the Probationary Employees Performance Evaluation system, to include familiarization with the evaluation form and with the evaluation procedure.

6.2    Specific (Hiring Department):

6.2.1    The hiring department provides specific information to the new employee on the first day of work. It is essential that a new person be advised of the work standards and regulations and welcomed to the work group. Positive actions on the first day help prevent later problems and misunderstandings.

6.2.2    This information orientation is conducted by the employee's immediate supervisor. At a minimum, the following items are covered:

1.    Hours of work; time cards or reports; leave requests.

2.    Duties of the position.

3.    Safety rules and procedures; location of safety or protective equipment.

4.    Locker room facilities.

5.    Tour of the work area, including location of equipment, supplies, etc.

6.    Introduction to fellow workers and other supervisors, if any.

7.    Lunch and coffee breaks.

8.    When and to whom to report absence from work.

9.    Who is responsible for rating the employee and what rating and performance standards will apply to the position.

6.3    Finger Printing:

6.3.1    Depending on the particular position filled, certain employees may be required to undergo fingerprinting by the Police Department. The results may affect their ability to be retained as an employee.