Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    1/1/93

Supersedes:    4/1/86

Staff Contact:    B.Nelson Glode

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


This policy is in response to the continuing medical and scientific evidence of detrimental effects of smoking and side-stream smoke has on personal health and work performance, the recognition of the strong desire of city employees to work in a smoke-free environment, and in response to public law relating to smoking in public facilities.

1.1    The policy establishes guidelines for city employees by providing restrictions for smoking in specified areas on or within city-owned facilities. It is not the intention of this policy to infringe upon the personal right and decision of any employee to smoke. Rather, this policy is intended to provide a smoke-free environment for non-smoking employees who wish not to be affected by those who do smoke.

1.2    This policy shall supplement the provisions of WAC 248-152 as they pertain to smoking in certain places which are used by and open to the general public.


All City of Renton employees.


RCW 70.160


4.1    Smoke (as defined by RCW 70.160.020): shall include the smoking or carrying of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, or cigarette.

4.2    City Facility shall be defined as any enclosed facility and vehicle owned or operated by the City of Renton municipal corporation that is frequented by the public or represents the work station for more than one city employee.


5.1    Smoking shall be prohibited in the following areas of all municipally-owned or operated facilities:

5.1.1    All city vehicles.

5.1.2    In all public and work areas of the Municipal Building.

5.1.3    In all meeting rooms used by City of Renton staff or the public.

5.1.4    In all work areas where non-smokers and/or sensitive equipment may be subject to the effects of smoke.

5.1.5    In all stairways, restrooms and elevators.

5.1.6    Public lobby areas, including office reception areas

5.2    Enforcement:

5.2.1    The effectiveness of this policy shall depend largely on the understanding and cooperation of city employees and the public. Complaints of violation of the policy should be directed to the supervisor or department head responsible for notifying the violator of the pertinent portions of this policy. If the violator refuses to comply with the provisions of this policy and the provisions of the Washington Clean Indoor Air Act, the complaint should be referred to the Police Department for enforcement pursuant to RCW 70.160.070.

5.2.2    Signage: The Facilities Superintendent shall be responsible for appropriate signage of all City-owned facilities as it pertains to posting smoking or non-smoking areas. Enforcement of sign requirements shall be the responsibility of the Fire Department.