Effective Date:    7/1/95

Supersedes:    3/20/85

Staff Contact:    B. Nelson Glode

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To establish a voluntary program of professional and confidential counseling assistance to employees whose job performance, health, or well-being are adversely affected by personal problems.


All departments/divisions


Policy & Procedure 300-05 Alcoholism/Substance Abuse


4.1    The City of Renton recognizes that oftentimes a wide range of personal problems, such as emotional or mental stress, marital or financial difficulties, drug or alcohol dependency, can affect the performance of employees in the workplace. These problems may or may not be caused by or related to the individual's responsibilities as an employee, but nonetheless they have an effect on work performance, safety or overall welfare of that employee. Many times the employee is able to overcome these problems independently once the fact that work performance is being affected is brought to his/her attention. In other instances, professional assistance may be needed to aid the employee in recognizing and overcoming personal difficulties.

4.2    In an effort to provide a means for assisting employees and their families in identifying, beginning to deal with, and hopefully overcoming problems of this nature, the City of Renton has established an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The program is designed to allow the employee and his/her family to voluntarily and confidentially seek professional assistance from an independent counseling service. The City will in no way direct an employee's participation, monitor counseling efforts, or in any way be involved in an employee's relationship with the counseling agency.

4.3    When work performance problems are identified and cannot be corrected by the supervisor through normal corrective actions, use of the EAP will be suggested. The existence of non-work related personal problems does not release the employee from the responsibility to perform his/her job responsibilities satisfactorily.

4.4    Utilization of the EAP agency during normal working hours will be subject to use of sick leave.

4.5    Participation in the EAP will in no way jeopardize an employee's professional status, job security, or promotional status.


5.1    Employee Assistance Program (EAP): A voluntary program designed to assist an employee in identifying and overcoming difficult personal problems which manifest themselves in diminished or unsatisfactory work performance.

5.2    EAP Agency: Maschhoff, Barr & Associates (1-800-523-5668) has contracted with the City of Renton to c provide professional and confidential diagnostic counseling and referral service to City employees and their families at no cost to the employee.


6.1    Upon recognition of a work performance problem, the supervisor will engage in normal corrective counseling with the employee. If the cause of the problem cannot be determined, or it is determined that the problem is personal in nature, the supervisor will advise the employee of the Employee Assistance Program.

6.2    The employee may voluntarily visit the EAP agency in an effort to identify the problem area through diagnosis, and solve the problem through self-treatment or use of a referral agency.

6.3    The employee and/or his/her family may choose to use the agency's services independently without the suggestion of the supervisor. In any event, all contact between the employee, his/her family and the agency will be in strict confidence and records will not be accessible to either the supervisor or the City of Renton.

6.4    The EAP agency will provide up to three diagnostic sessions and, if necessary, referral to three potential service agencies for specific treatment. Coordination of medical benefits for additional counseling/referral assistance by the EAP agency are pursuant to the medical plan covering the individual employee. Questions concerning the provisions of this coverage can be referred to the Human Resources & Risk Management Department.