Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    April 1, 1991


Prepared by:    R. Nieto

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To establish the policy and procedures to comply with state regulations for provision of supplemental disability leave for LEOFF II personnel injured on the job or who become ill because of work-related causes.


Fire and Police Departments


RCW 41.04.500 through 41.04.550

Policy and Procedure 300-38 and 700-09

Collective Bargaining agreement with Local 864 and Commissioned Unit of the Police Officers' Guild.


RCW 41.04.500, disability leave supplement for law enforcement officers and fire fighters, states that a municipality employing full-time commissioned law enforcement officers and full-time, paid fire fighters shall provide a disability leave supplement to such employees who qualify for payments under RCW 51.32.090 (Industrial Insurance) due to a temporary total disability. To conform with this requirement, the City of Renton will provide a disability leave with full or almost full pay, up to a maximum of six (6) months, for LEOFF II Police Officers and Fire Fighters who are injured or become ill from work-related causes and who, for this reason, miss six (6) or more days of work.


5.1    LEOFF II Police Officer and Fire Fighter

Police Officers and Fire Fighters who became members of the LEOFF retirement system on or after October 1, 1977.


6.1    The procedures to be followed by an employee injured on the job or who becomes ill because of work-related causes as well as those to be followed by the employee's supervisor are given in Policy and Procedure 300-38 and 700-09.

6.2    The department must notify the Personnel Department whenever a LEOFF II Police Officer or Fire Fighter has been directed by his/her treating physician to take a temporary leave from work because of the injury or illness. The department must also notify the Personnel Department of the date the employee returns to full active duty status, as authorized by the treating physician.

6.3    The Personnel Department will monitor the number of work days missed and, on the sixth (6th) calendar day from the date of injury or illness, will notify payroll to begin supplemental disability benefits effective that day. The day of injury is counted as the first day.

6.4    Payroll will supplement the time loss payments made to the employee from the industrial insurance fund to provide the employee with his/her regular base monthly pay. Half of the difference between time loss payments and base monthly pay will be charged to the employee's accrued leave time, unless other arrangements have been made through the collective bargaining process; the other half will be paid by the City. The City will continue to pay for all employer paid insurance benefits during the period of disability. If the employee's accrued leave is exhausted before the end of the disability period, the employee will receive only the amount contributed by the City, unless full payment is provided for in a collective bargaining agreement.

6.5    If accrued sick leave is exhausted during the period of disability, an employee who has returned to active service may request an advance of up to three (3) days or three (3) work shifts, whichever is greater, of sick leave. Advanced sick leave will be charged against earned sick leave until the amount advanced has been made up.

6.6    Subject to the approval of the treating physician, the department may require the employee to perform light duty in the employee's regular department. There will be no reduction in the disability leave supplement during the light duty period.

6.7    If an employee cannot return to active service at the expiration of the six (6) month disability period, his/her treating physician will be asked for a professional opinion on whether the employee can ever reasonably expect to return to work as a Police Officer or a Fire Fighter. If the employee cannot resume full-time active service, the employee may be retired from City employment.