Department: PERSONNEL

Effective Date:    1/1/94

Supersedes:    11/1/92

Staff Contact:    B. Nelson Glode

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To establish policy and procedural guidelines for the recognition of City employees.


All departments/divisions.



The City of Renton shall utilize the Employee Recognition Program as a means of honoring regular full and part-time employees for outstanding contributions and to acknowledge and express appreciation for years of service to the City of Renton (individual departments are responsible for specific programs based on internally established criteria and categories.


5.1    Employee Recognition Committee - A committee comprised of City employees with the responsibility of overseeing the employee recognition program. The Committee shall include one representative from each of the three bargaining units to serve two year terms which will expire in even numbered years; one representative from each department shall serve two year terms which will expire in odd-numbered years and one representative each from Executive and Personnel whose terms shall be permanent in order to create continuity. The committee shall meet periodically during each year and shall choose a chairman each December who shall serve until the following December.

5.2    Service Awards - Awards given to employees who reach years of service at predetermined intervals.

5.3    Retirement Awards - Awards given to retiring employees who have served with the City for at least 5 years.

5.4    Departmental Awards - Awards presented to employees within their department as authorized and established by that Department's employee recognition program.


The Employee Recognition Program budget shall be the responsibility of the Personnel Department. All requests for funds, awards, and use of the serving items should be directed to Personnel.

6.1    Service Awards

5/10/15/20/25 years of service: Employees who reach these services levels will be presented with an enameled black and gold City of Renton pin with years of service inscribed.

25 years of service: Employees who have served the City for 25 years will receive a distinctive pen with City of Renton crest, inscribed with years of service in addition to a service pin.

30 years of service: A special inscribed award will be given to employees who have served the City for 30 years.

Completion of Period of Probation: Newly-hired Employees who satisfactorily complete the requisite period of probation within their department shall receive a coffee mug.

6.2    Retirement Awards

Employees who have worked for the City of Renton at least five years shall be presented a plaque by the Mayor or his designee at a reception given in their honor. The Plaque shall be wood etched with City mission logo and gold plate engraved with employee name and year began employment to year retired.

6.2.1    Each department is encouraged to host a function to allow co-workers the opportunity to thank and congratulate the retiree.

6.2.2    A tablecloth, cake server, punch bowl and ladle are available upon request for use at a retirement or special function. A photo album will also be provided to the hosting department for the purpose of placing pictures and mementos for presentation to the retiring employee.

6.2.3    The Employee Recognition budget will provide up to $50 for the purchase of a cake and/or other refreshments.

6.2.4    The Mayor and City Council will present a special certificate, signed and framed to the retiring employee.

6.3    Department Level Programs

Each department is authorized and encouraged to establish an overall departmental employee recognition program based on department established criteria and internally selected categories.