Effective Date:    01/01/98

Supersedes:    N/A

Staff Contact:    B. Nelson Glode

Approved by:    Mayor Jesse Tanner


To establish responsibilities and procedures for providing non-compensated opportunities to gain practical work experience, fulfill academic requirements and provide community service.


All departments/divisions


Policy and Procedure 340-03 - Fair Practices

Policy and Procedure 300-44 - Records Checks By State Patrol

Policy and Procedure 700-09 - Occupational Injuries and Illnesses


It is the policy of the City of Renton to promote citizen involvement through volunteer service opportunities that support and facilitate a sense of pride, ownership and shared responsibility for our community.

4.1    Departments are responsible for directing volunteer service opportunities in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and the City’s Fair Practices Policy.

4.2    This policy does not apply to volunteers serving on established boards and committees.

4.3    Pre-approvals may be waived in emergency situations.


5.1    Volunteer: any individual or group providing non-compensated services to the City of Renton.

5.1.1     Long term volunteers: individuals who work four or more hours per day, one or more days per week over a prolonged period.

5.1.2     Project volunteers: individuals or groups donating service to accomplish a specific job of limited duration.


6.1    Departments and/or the Volunteer Program Coordinator are responsible for ensuring that volunteers complete the volunteer application materials and for routing the forms to the Human Resources & Risk Management department for review.

6.1.1    Long term volunteers and individuals working on projects that are expected to last more than one day must complete the AGREEMENT FOR NON-COMPENSATED SERVICES, VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and, if applicable, a DISCLOSURE STATEMENT and WASHINGTON STATE PATROL REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL HISTORY INFORMATION. Forward the original of the Agreement for Non-Compensated Services to Human Resources & Risk Management before the volunteer begins work. Send the original application and disclosure statement to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. A signed copy of the agreement will be sent to the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

6.1.2    Groups interested in providing community service must complete the VOLUNTEER GROUP PROJECT INFORMATION FORM before beginning work on a project. Forward completed form to Human Resources & Risk Management.

6.2    Volunteer application materials are available from the Volunteer Program Coordinator. The department with the volunteer opportunity is responsible for maintaining volunteer applications and for orientation and training of all new and returning volunteers. The Volunteer Program Coordinator will assist in orientation and training of volunteers when practicable. Orientation and training shall include review of City policies governing safety, fair practices and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses.

6.3    Each department is responsible for maintaining a record of all hours worked by volunteers and reporting those hours to the payroll section of the Finance & Information Services department on a monthly basis.

6.3.1    Individuals volunteering to assist with a group project that does not require a DISCLOSURE STATEMENT and is expected to last one day or less must sign the PARTICIPANT ASSUMPTION OF RISKS AND RELEASE--GROUP PROJECT VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION form before beginning work on a project. Forward a copy of the completed form to Human Resources & Risk Management upon completion of the project and to payroll at the end of the month. This form serves as the timesheet for the volunteers for Labor & Industries reporting purposes.

6.3.2    Long term volunteers and individuals working on projects that are expected to last more than one day or on more than one project must complete a VOLUNTEER SERVICE MONTHLY TIME REPORT for Labor & Industries reporting purposes.

6.4    Departments may provide volunteers with a meal allowance for each day of service.

6.5    All volunteers must comply with all applicable City of Renton safety rules and regulations when performing work on City property and/or in the City right-of-way. Departments conducting safety orientations will use the SAFETY ORIENTATION CHECKLIST and forward a completed copy to the Safety Officer.

6.5.1    Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn whenever a potential for injury exists.

6.5.2    Only certified flaggers are permitted to direct or flag vehicular traffic. Volunteers must present current flagging certification before they will be permitted to flag or otherwise direct vehicular traffic. Proof of certification must be sent to the Human Resources and Risk Management Department before the volunteer begins work.

6.5.3    Volunteers whose duties involve driving, must posses a valid state driver’s license. A copy of the license must be forwarded to the Human Resources and Risk Management Office before the volunteer begins work.