Classification Series

Index: Human Resources & Risk Management

Number: 320-01 (replaces 300-60)

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Nancy A. Carlson

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Denis Law


To establish a policy and procedure for creating a classification series, allowing for a department to hire at the entry level and provide the opportunity for the employee to meet the requirements for non-competitive promotion to a higher level in the series through training and/or additional education. Classification series are established when it is difficult to find qualified candidates for experienced or journey level positions in the local labor market or when it is to the advantage of the City to train employees in specialized procedures and practices.


All departments/divisions (excludes Civil Service positions).


Policy & Procedure #370-06 - Hiring Process; Policy & Procedure #300-16 - Probation Period; Policy & Procedure #300-41 - Salary Plan Administration


In difficult recruitment situations, or when special training needs have been identified, a classification series may be established at the request of the department and with the approval of the Human Resources & Risk Management Administrator. A list of current classification series is shown below:

•    Accounting Assistant I, II, III, IV

•    Assistant Planner, Associate Planner, Senior Planner

•    Assistant City Attorney, Sr. Assistant City Attorney

•    Civil Engineer I, II, III

•    Economic Development Specialist, Sr. Economic Development Specialist

•    Engineering Specialist I, II, III

•    Finance Analyst I, II, III, IV

•    Fire Inspector I, II, III

•    Fire Plans Reviewer/Inspector I, II, III

•    Golf Course Maintenance Worker I, II, III

•    Human Resources Analyst, Sr. Human Resources Analyst

•    Maintenance Services Worker, I, II, III

•    Network Systems Specialist, Sr. Network Systems Specialist

•    Park Maintenance Worker I, II, III

•    Program Development Coordinator I, II

•    Service Desk Technician, Sr. Service Desk Technician

•    Signal/Electronics Systems Assistant I, II

•    Signal/Electronics Systems Technician I, II

•    Systems Analyst, Sr. Systems Analyst


5.1    Classification Series: A series of related job classes with an entry level and one or more additional levels requiring significantly increasing amounts of knowledge, skills, abilities, training and/or education as the series progresses to higher levels.


6.1    In cooperation with the Human Resources & Risk Management Department, the hiring department will determine the level within the classification series for each recruitment. An employee appointed to an entry or intermediate level in the series may obtain additional education and/or take part in a training program provided by the department to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities for future promotions.

6.2    When the department certifies in writing to the Human Resources & Risk Management Department that the employee has achieved the knowledge, skills and abilities, training and/or education to competently perform at a higher level in the series, the employee may be promoted to the proper level without taking part in a competitive process. The Human Resources & Risk Management Department will notify the employee, supervisor, Local 2170, payroll, and other interested parties regarding the appropriate effective date and correct pay rate for an employee promoted in a classification series.

6.3    The salary for an employee promoted in a classification series will be set at the closest step in the new salary range which provides a one step increase in pay. The next step increase, if the employee is not at the top step in the new range, will occur one year from the date of promotion in the series.

6.4    Upon promotion in a classification series, an employee will be placed on probation and will be formally evaluated as outlined in Policy & Procedure #300-16 during the new probationary period. The probation period will be six months from the date of promotion.

6.5    If there are more than two levels in a classification series, additional promotions may be processed in the manner outlined above.