Number: 320-05 (replaces 300-12)

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Nancy A. Carlson

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Denis Law


To establish procedures for the request, consideration and approval of position reclassifications.


All departments/divisions.


Current City of Renton Index of Positions and Pay Ranges.


The need is recognized for periodic review and adjustment of positions in the city due to changing service demands, qualification requirements, and job responsibilities. A reclassification is not to be used as a merit raise; nor can it be used to reflect an increased volume of work at the same level of responsibility that the incumbent is currently performing. Under this policy, a reclass request cannot be submitted for a market adjustment. All requests for reclassification will follow the procedures outlined in Section 6.0 of this policy. If any provision of this policy is in conflict with provisions of an existing collective bargaining agreement, the collective bargaining agreement shall prevail.


5.1    Reclassification:

An increase/decrease in the level of responsibilities, tasks, and duties of a position which changes areas of emphasis and the level of skill as they relate to the current position. These changes must have occurred over the course of at least six months and must be reflected in higher qualification requirements. Assignment of new duties to one or more positions to deliberately change the nature of the work to some degree is reorganization rather than a reclassification and should be addressed accordingly.

5.2    Regrade:

As a result of reclassification, and due to an overall increase/decrease in the responsibilities of a position, resulting in an increase/decrease in the monetary compensation (pay ranges) established for the position.

5.3    Job Audit:

Identification and analysis of the critical elements of a position in order to measure the relative worth of a position and its appropriate placement in the city's classification/pay schedule.


6.1    Requests for reclassification will be accepted annually and must be received by the Human Resources & Risk Management Department no later than August 1 for implementation in January. (See Section 6.5)

6.2    A Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) form must be completed for each reclassification request. If there is more than one incumbent in the classification, the group of incumbents may work together in completing their PDQ. The final document must list the names of all individuals requesting the reclass.

6.2.1    Section I of the PDQ requires a detailed description of the job duties, including a narrative justification for the reclassification, emphasizing changes in position duties and qualification requirements (knowledge, skills and abilities). Incumbents shall attach a current classification specification with lines crossed through any duties no longer performed and add any new duties.

6.2.2    Section II is to be completed by the employee's supervisor or division head.

6.2.3    Section III is provided for comment by the Administrator or department head responsible for the position. The fully completed form is to be forwarded to the Human Resources & Risk Management Department.

6.3    Requests for reclassification will be acknowledged to the employee in writing within 14 working days upon receipt by the Human Resources & Risk Management Department.

6.3.1    The Human Resources & Risk Management Administrator or designee may schedule a meeting with the employee and/or supervisor to clarify information in the PDQ.

6.3.2    Human Resources may conduct a salary survey for those classifications that have changed as a result of increased responsibilities, tasks and duties that change areas of emphasis and the level of skill as they relate to the current positions. The decision to conduct the salary survey is at the discretion of Human Resources, in order to determine if market alignment is appropriate.

6.3.3    The Human Resources & Risk Management Administrator or designee will meet and confer with department Administrators regarding the recommendations of the reclassification requests for positions in their area of responsibility.    Administrators may review the reclassification recommendations with their employees and supervisors.     Administrators will be provided an opportunity to appeal Human Resources’ recommendations. If appealing Human Resources’ recommendations, the Administrator must submit his/her reasons for appeal in writing. No appeal may come directly from an employee. An appeal will be analyzed by the Human Resources & Risk Management Administrator and the decision will be final. This decision will be forwarded to the department Administrator.

6.3.4    Following any departmental appeals, the Human Resources & Risk Management Department will submit a recommendation to the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer based on the review and analysis of the reclassification requests.

6.3.5    Following approval by the Mayor, the Human Resources & Risk Management Department will, if appropriate, meet with the appropriate Union regarding the placement of the revised position(s) within the City of Renton Index of Positions and Pay Ranges.

6.4    Reclassification recommendations approved by the Mayor will be incorporated into an agenda bill and referred to the Council for review/approval. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources & Risk Management Administrator to present the recommendation to the Council.

6.5    Once a request to reclassify a position has been submitted and reviewed, no further consideration will be given to reclassifying that position for a 24 month period following the review.

6.5.1    Following adoption of a reclassification by Council and, if appropriate, the Union, Human Resources will notify the Department Administrator(s), the appropriate employee(s) and payroll of the final decision.

6.5.2    Once approved by the City Council, any salary adjustments made as a result of the reclassification will affect current employees only.