Number: 330-05 (replaces 300-30)

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Michael R. Webby

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Kathy Keolker-Wheeler


To establish policy and procedures for the request, approval and administration of a flexible work schedule program, including flex-time and alternative work schedules that meet the intent and purpose of the City's Commute Trip Reduction program.


All departments and divisions


Collective Bargaining Agreements

Commute Trip Reduction Act

Fair Labor Standards Act

Labor and Industries Break Requirements

City of Renton Policy and Procedure 330-07 - Holidays


4.1    Flex-time and alternative work schedules may be approved for use by employees according to guidelines incorporated in Section 6.0 of this document.

4.2    Department Administrators will determine whether flexible work schedules can be used effectively in their department. It is understood that there may be no loss in productivity or in the level of service to the public. Departmental hours may vary depending upon the type of service provided and the needs of the department as long as there is not a reduction in hours of service available to the public. For many departments or divisions, other than Police and Fire, this means that employees would be available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4.2.1    If the Department Administrator finds that flexible work schedules are acceptable for the department/divisions alternative hours of operation may be implemented. However, the department/division must be adequately staffed to meet the needs of the public and other City employees. Flexible Work Schedule Programs must be approved by the Mayor or his/her designee prior to implementation (See Attachment A).

4.2.2    Individual flexible work schedules must be approved by the Department Administrator prior to implementation. A copy of the signed Flexible Work Schedule Program Application (see Attachment B) must be forwarded to payroll.

4.3    The City shall retain the right to terminate flex-time or alternative work schedule programs completely by department, by division, or on an individual basis. Termination of flexible work schedules shall be in writing and shall be in accordance with Section 6.4 of this Policy and Procedure.


5.1    Flex-time

For the purpose of this policy, flex-time shall be defined as the concept of allowing flexible employee work schedules based around core hours, wherein all employees are required to be in attendance, excluding lunch and break periods.

5.2    Alternative Work Schedules

For the purpose of this policy, an alternative work schedule shall be defined as a workweek based on other than five eight-hour days. The workweek may be based on:

5.2.1    Four ten-hour days in one week or,

5.2.2    Eight nine-hour days and one eight-hour day in two work weeks (9/80) or

5.2.3    A similar schedule which meets the intent of this Policy and Procedure and is approved in advance by the Mayor's office.


6.1    Flex-Time

6.1.1    The work hour band is from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Employees may work any hours during this time, as long as core hours are included.

6.1.2    Daily core periods for employees on a flex-time schedule are from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

6.1.3    Employees working flex-time schedules may vary the length of hours in a work day, but the employee must work a forty-hour week.

6.2    Alternative Work Schedule

6.2.1    Except as otherwise provided by the applicable collective bargaining agreement, overtime pay for employees working an alternative work schedule who are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act will be paid based on hours worked.

6.2.2    Employees are required to take at least a thirty-minute lunch break each day. Any employee working eleven or more hours must take a second thirty minute lunch.

6.2.3    Employees working a four ten-hour schedule may change to an eight-hour schedule during a week containing a recognized City holiday. If they do not adjust their schedule an employee must move their scheduled day off during the same work week. Holiday hours are credited at eight hours of paid time therefore sufficient hours of compensatory, vacation or personal holiday time must be used to complete the 40 hour work week unless otherwise specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

6.2.4    Employees working eight nine hour days and one eight hour day (9/80) may use compensatory, vacation or personal holiday time to ensure that forty hours are charged in the work week. When an observed holiday falls on a flex day the employee must move his/her flex day within the work period unless otherwise specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

6.3    Timekeeping

6.3.1    Employees are responsible for keeping track of their own time. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving employee time cards to ensure they are accurate and that the appropriate number of hours has been worked in the pay period.

6.4     Termination

6.4.1    The flexible work schedule program may be discontinued in whole or in part by the Mayor, his/her designated representative, or the Department Administrator. If terminated by action on behalf of the City, affected employees shall be given ten working days notice before program termination is implemented.

6.4.2    Employees may, by notifying their supervisor and Department Administrator give notice of their intent to withdraw from participation in the flexible work schedule program at any time, provided that immediate withdrawal does not create an undue hardship in the department or a disservice to the public. The employee shall notify the Department Administrator to mutually negotiate an acceptable withdrawal date.

6.4.3    Payroll must be notified in writing prior to the implementation of any work schedule changes. This includes temporary as well as permanent work schedule changes.



Flexible Work Schedule – Hours of Operation

(Refer to Policy and Procedure 330-05, Flexible Work Schedule Program, Section 4.0)

Division/Department:    Section:    

Flexible Work Schedule(s) requested (4/40, 9/80, flextime)

Hours the Division/Department will be staffed:     __ a.m        p.m.

Hours open to the public:         __ a.m        p.m.

Number of employees in work group:        

Number of employees working a non standard work schedule:        

Number of employees who will normally be at work on Mondays:        

Number of employees who will normally be at work on Tuesdays:        

Number of employees who will normally be at work on Wednesdays:        

Number of employees who will normally be at work on Thursdays:        

Number of employees who will normally be at work on Fridays:        

Division Head’s Signature                Union Representative’s Signature

Approval of this request is based on my confidence as head of the department that productivity and service to the public will be increased or at least remain at the current level in the division/department named. If that does not hold true, the program will be terminated.




Alternative Work Schedule Application

Employee Name_______________________________    Date of Request___________________

Dept/Division_________________________________ Effective Date_____________________

Position______________________________________ Circle One: Exempt from FLSA

Non-Exempt from FLSA

Alternative Work Schedule Desired(4-10, 8-9, (Flex time/change of start time)____________

Work Week Start/End____________________________________________________________




No of Hours




No of Hours




No of Hours

Reason for Request



Potential Problems/Recommended Solution



__________________________                _______________________________

(1) Employee Signature                    (2) Immediate Supervisor’s Signature

______________________________            ________________________________

(3) Union Representative’s Signature (Local 2170 ONLY) (4) Department/Division Head Signature

Forward completed and signed form to Department Administrator

cc: Payroll

Personnel File