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Michael R. Webby

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Denis Law


To establish guidelines for employees on reporting to work in the event of inclement weather, natural disasters, and related conditions.


All departments and divisions


City of Renton Policy & Procedure 350-09 - Unpaid Leaves of Absence

City of Renton Policy & Procedure 350-08 - Sick Leave


Regardless of inclement weather, natural disasters, or related conditions, it is the policy of the City of Renton that all City offices and activities shall be open and in operation to provide services to the citizens during established working hours. Departments will prepare plans for identifying mission-critical functions, moving from normal operations to 24-hour or emergency work assignments, and communicate those plans to all department employees. Where appropriate, the City and Department will provide training about emergency procedures and carrying out emergency work assignments. Since many City services are of primary importance during inclement weather, natural disasters, and related conditions, all employees are expected to prepare personally for inclement weather or other emergency situations, and attempt to report for work on a timely basis. Should conditions prevail which prevent City employees from reporting to work, the following shall apply to the operation of facilities and administration of compensation:

4.1    Any employee unable to report to work will be required to take paid leave (accrued vacation, personal holiday, or compensatory time) or if no paid leave accruals exist, unpaid leave for the period of absence. This decision will be subject to approval by the employee’s Department Administrator. Sick leave cannot be used.

4.2    If emergency conditions exist that warrant closure of City facilities, the Mayor has the authority to close City facilities, and may do so by written declaration, taking into consideration the recommendation of Department Administrators. The Mayor may choose to close selected City facilities. If facilities are closed, it is the responsibility of the Department Administrator or his or her designee to communicate the closure to all staff.

4.3    If the Mayor closes City operations, employees who report to work during inclement weather will receive regular pay for hours in paid status even if he or she is late. Employees who do not report to work will not receive regular pay and must use accrued vacation, personal holiday, compensatory time or unpaid leave. Collective bargaining agreement provisions for hours worked, and particularly standby and call-back provisions will determine the compensation of employees who work during emergency conditions.

4.4    The Department Administrator will have the discretion to permit an employee to work from a remote location on a case-by-case basis when an employee cannot travel to work but performs a mission-critical function related to the disaster or weather event, and consistent with collective bargaining agreements.


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6.1    It is the responsibility of the employee to contact his/her immediate supervisor, division head, or Department Administrator to report his/her absence from work or anticipated late arrival to work, and the reason for such absence or lateness. This contact can be by telephone (land line), cell phone, or, if telephone lines are busy, by e-mail.

6.2    It is the responsibility of the supervisor, under the Department Administrator’s guidance and approval, to ensure all services and operations are being performed which may require temporary re-assignment of duties of those employees who have reported to work.

6.3    For informational purposes, a city-wide telephone message line is established as a central notification point for employees to learn of conditions around the City. It is the responsibility of the employee to use this telephone line, and the supervisor to communicate its availability (425.430.7088). The purpose of the telephone line is to convey informational messages to City staff regarding the status of City operations and conditions at or around City facilities. A message will be recorded by the Communications Director, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Emergency Management Director or their designee if an emergency disrupts City operations, or as early as reasonably possible on the day of the event, and updated regularly while conditions are changing. As appropriate, the City will employ other technologies to provide information to employees.

6.4    For operational purposes, departmental telephone message lines are established if departments wish to make available a separate message to staff during an emergency.

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