Number: 370-06 (replaces 300-06)

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Nancy A. Carlson

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Denis Law


To establish policy and procedure for specific phases of the hiring process, including applicant recruitment, examination, selection and appointment.


All departments/divisions.


City Policy and Procedure #250-16 - Electronic Data Security

City Policy and Procedure #340-03 - Fair Practices

City Policy and Procedure #300-17 - Promotions

City Policy and Procedure #300-42 - Requests for Employee Information/Reference Checks

City Policy and Procedure #300-44 - Criminal Background Check and/or Consumer Report

City Policy and Procedure #330-11 - Types of Employment, Pay, Benefits and Retirement

City Policy and Procedure #340-01 - Americans With Disabilities Act

City Policy and Procedure #300-62 - Drug & Alcohol Testing for Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles

City Policy and Procedure #700-08 - Drivers’ Licenses

City of Renton Civil Service Rules

RCW 41.04.010 - Veteran’s Preference

RCW 43.43.830-840 - Background Checks

RCW 10.97.010 et seq. - Washington State Criminal Privacy Act

RCW 35A.12.100 - Duties of the Mayor

WAC 388-06 - Background Checks

Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Executive Order 11246 - Equal Employment Opportunity

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964


4.1    The Human Resources & Risk Management (HR & RM) Department, in compliance with contractual, legal, and equal opportunity requirements, shall conduct the recruitment and selection process for certain position vacancies. The Human Resources & Risk Management (HR & RM) Administrator shall be responsible for ensuring all recruitment and selection efforts are conducted in an objective, fair, and impartial manner, and in the spirit of equal employment opportunity.

4.2    The selection process shall be conducted solely on the basis of ability, merit, fit, qualifications, and competence without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or age.

4.3    In partnership with the hiring department, Human Resources shall formulate the job announcement, determine applicant sources and develop the examination process. The hiring department can determine whether or not to establish an eligibility list, as well as determine the duration of time that the eligibility list will remain active, unless the bargaining agreement states otherwise. The HR & RM Administrator may approve the extension of the list beyond the expiration date.

4.4    Services of a private employment agency shall only occur with the concurrence of the Mayor or his/her designee.

4.5    Residency within the City shall not be a condition of initial employment or continued employment, provided that an employee’s selection of residence shall not interfere with the essential functions of their duties and responsibilities.

4.6    Under certain circumstances, the HR & RM Administrator may modify a recruiting process based on resources and overall impact.


5.1    Continuous Posting:
These are positions that meet minimum posting requirements, if any, and remain posted on a “continuous” basis.

5.2    Eligibility List:
A list of all candidates who have passed the initial examinations for recruitment presented in rank order. The list may be used for one or more recruitments.

5.3    Examination:
Any device used to select employees, which may include application forms, skill sheets, written tests, practical skill tests, structured questionnaires, interviews, oral exams or presentations, references, background checks, and any other tests deemed appropriate and necessary.

5.4    External Posting:
Allows applicants outside the City to apply for a position, along with internal City employees. This is also known as a “competitive posting.”

5.5    Internal Posting:
Allows applicants inside the City to apply for a position. Unless otherwise noted, all City employees, including employees in a non-regular position, may apply. This is also known as a promotional posting.

5.6    Limited Term positions:
These are considered regular & benefited positions, and in an “at will” status. These can be represented (union) or non-represented positions.

5.7    Non-regular/Hourly positions:
These represent the seasonal, temporary, intermittent, intern or project specific positions. They are considered non-benefited and non-represented positions, and can be filled on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the departmental needs and budget.

5.8    Regular positions:
These represent both full-time and part-time (20 hours or more per week) employees that are considered benefited positions. These can be represented (union) or non-represented position.


6.1    Recruitment Process by Category:

6.1.1    Department Administrator positions: Positions shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council according to City Code.

6.1.2    Management Positions: Recruitment for management level positions shall be based on the nature of the position, organizational needs, etc. A high degree of flexibility may be necessary in designing recruitment process for these positions.

6.1.3    Regular and Limited Term positions: Recruitment for these positions can be limited to City employees, or open to City employees and the general public in accordance with City policy, civil service rules, and/or applicable bargaining unit contracts. A non-represented position may be open for any number of days as deemed suitable for the position.

6.1.4    Non-Regular Positions: Recruitment for these positions may be open on a continuous basis, or as needed, to the general public.

6.1.5    Civil Service Positions: Recruitment for civil service positions shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission and applicable collective bargaining agreements, where appropriate.

6.2    Request to Fill Vacancy form:

6.2.1    The hiring department’s Administrator or designee shall prepare and submit a completed “Request to Fill Vacancy” form to the Finance and Information Services Administrator, which will then get routed to the HR & RM Administrator, and the Mayor for signature approval.

6.2.2    The position can be filled only after the Mayor has approved the request.

6.3    Job Announcements:

6.3.1    Job announcements are prepared by Human Resources and typically contain open/closing dates, salary, essential job duties, minimum requirements and the selection process.

6.3.2    Position openings for regular and limited term vacancies are communicated through the means of a formal job announcement, which is distributed to City departments and posted in the HR & RM Department. Announcement of union openings shall also be distributed per applicable union bargaining agreement. When external postings occur, job announcements may be distributed to select external sources and advertised as deemed appropriate by the hiring manager and Human Resources.

6.4    Applications:

6.4.1    All applications for public employment and their contents, including resumes and other related materials, are exempt from public disclosure laws and, therefore, shall not be made available to the public. Copies of applications shall only be made for City hiring purposes.

6.4.2    Applicants are to complete and sign the City’s authorized application form. Additional supplemental information relating to the applicants' experience or qualifications may be required.

6.4.3    If there is not a sufficient number of qualified candidates, as determined by Human Resources, by the closing date, the position recruitment may be extended for an additional period and re-advertised.

6.4.4    Applications for regular and limited term positions shall be accepted only during the period of active recruitment. Application materials received for positions not being actively recruited for will be returned to the applicant. Applications for non-regular work or for continuously opened positions may be accepted at any time.

6.4.5    Applicants who apply for an open recruitment will be notified of their status by Human Resources.

6.5    Screening/Testing Phase:

6.5.1    After the close of the application period, Human Resources and the hiring department will screen applications to eliminate applicants who do not meet the minimum qualification requirements for the position as set forth in the classification specification. Applicants will be screened for qualifications, including knowledge, skills, abilities, and other job related requirements relevant to the position. Human Resources and the hiring department will determine a list of the candidates who most closely meet the requirements of the position to continue in the selection process.

6.5.2    The testing process will be structured and documented by Human Resources and the hiring department. The hiring department may provide assistance and/or approval in creating the technical portion of all examinations. This process will be documented by Human Resources.

6.5.3    Examinations utilized will be directly related to the duties of the position and designed to determine candidates' knowledge, skills, and abilities for the position. The examination may consist of a practical/skill tests, written tests/exercises, structured interview and other recognized methods, or a combination thereof. Applicants will be rated on the level of their skills, knowledge, abilities, and overall suitability and fitness for the position.

6.5.4    Depending on the nature of the examination, one or more persons may administer and score the test. Human Resources will be responsible for collecting and tabulating final scores.

6.5.5    All examination and documentation, such as rating sheets and interview notes, are considered a part of the official selection file and are to be retained in the HR & RM Department to ensure confidentiality.

6.5.6    The use of an assessment center or other selection procedure may also be used. In these cases, outside professionals may be consulted to assist in examination development and administration.

6.6    Final Scoring:

6.6.1    A Human Resources representative will verify the calculation of each applicant's score to determine passing candidates and final scores. Human Resources may then prepare an eligibility list based on the rank order of the scores.

6.6.2    If an eligibility list is created, the hiring department will receive the full list of passing applicants listed in rank order, but can only select from the top five names of this list. If two or more vacancies are to be filled, an additional name shall be included for each additional position.

6.6.3    In accordance with RCW 41.04.010 and HB 1065, veterans who meet criteria for Veteran's Preference, have not successfully used Veteran’s Preference in a previous position, and achieve a passing score on the competitive employment examination, shall have five percent or ten percent added to their final weighted score where a numerically scored eligibility list is established.    Five percent will be added if the veteran did not serve in a period of war/armed conflict, or is retired from the military, or was called to active duty for one or more years from state or political subdivision employment.    Ten percent will be added if the veteran served in armed conflict.    For veterans returning to public employment after more than one year of active service, five percentage points will be added to the score of any promotional examination until the veteran’s first promotion.    If a candidate claims Veteran’s Preference, a copy of their DD214 and a completed Veteran’s Scoring Criteria Status Examination Form is to be attached to the application or submitted to the HR & RM Department prior to establishing an eligibility list. If the selection process does not include a numerically scored examination process with ranking, Veteran’s Preference shall not be applied.

6.6.4    The hiring Department Administrator or designee can make the final selection of a candidate after receiving the eligibility list.

6.7    Second Interviews/Selection Phase:

6.7.1    If an eligibility list is used and the hiring department chooses to conduct additional interviews, they can interview any or all of the top five candidates on the list. Union positions will be handled according to the appropriate bargaining agreement. Whether or not additional interviews occur, a final hire is selected from the top five names on the eligibility list.

6.7.2    If an eligibility list is not used, then second interviews can be conducted from a qualified group of candidates.

6.8    Job Offer:

6.8.1    When a job offer is accepted, the candidate shall be formally notified of his or her appointment with an offer letter signed by the HR & RM Administrator. This letter will state the position title, salary, starting date, probation period required, and other terms of employment. Before beginning employment, the candidate is required to return a copy of the letter to the HR & RM Administrator, with their signature indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions of employment.

6.8.2    If the job offer is rejected, the department may make an offer of employment to any of the top five applicants on the existing eligibility list or re-open the recruitment.

6.8.3    Applicants for positions in which the applicant is expected to operate a motor vehicle will require proof of a valid Washington State driver’s license within thirty days of hire. Driving records of applicants may be checked prior to the start of employment. Applicants with poor driving records, as determined by the City, may be disqualified for employment with the City in positions requiring driving.

6.9    Pre-Employment Test Requirements:

6.9.1    Pre-employment medical and/or psychological examinations may be required when all employees in a particular job classification, such as firefighters and police officers, are subject to an examination regardless of a known disability. These examinations shall be job related and consistent with business necessity. These examinations shall only be conducted after a finalist for a position has been identified and given a conditional offer of employment. Information obtained concerning the medical and psychological condition and history of an applicant or employee shall be kept confidential and separate from employee personnel files and shall only be shared with supervisors or managers who need to be informed of work restrictions of individuals with disabilities who need accommodation or who otherwise would not be qualified. All employment offers shall be contingent on the newly hired person’s ability to successfully pass the medical and psychological examination when all employees in that particular job are required to pass such exams. In certain instances, failure to pass or submit to a pre-employment medical and/or psychological examination may be cause for withdrawal of an employment offer.

6.9.2    Drug and alcohol testing shall be required for employees in safety sensitive positions. All employment offers shall be contingent on the newly hired person successfully passing a drug and alcohol test. Candidates who test positive or refuse testing may be terminated immediately or have an offer of employment withdrawn.

6.10    Reference, Background, and Criminal History Record Checks:

6.10.1    Reference checks conducted on prospective employees are considered an integral part of the selection process, not an all-inclusive device for selecting the best candidate. It shall be the responsibility of the hiring department, with assistance from the HR & RM Department, to conduct reference checks on applicants before an offer of employment is made and/or when an offer of employment is contingent on successfully passing a reference check.    Reference inquiries may be used to verify that an applicant meets the minimum qualification requirements for the position, to provide a basis for determining an applicant’s overall relative qualifications and suitability, and to predict future job success.    An applicant shall be informed beforehand if a reference check will be conducted regarding their qualifications. Candidates must also sign a written release in order to authorize present and former employers and others listed or requested by the City as references to provide employment related information.    When conducting a reference check, hiring departments shall only request specific job-related information (i.e., technical and/or managerial skills, quality and quantity of work, attendance, work history, and other job related attributes deemed appropriate). Questions should be phrased so that references are asked to describe only characteristics that are necessary for the applicant to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

6.10.2    Background and criminal history records are an integral part of the selection process, depending on the nature of the position. It shall be the responsibility of Human Resources to conduct background and/or criminal records checks before an offer of employment is made. Employees requiring physical access to the City’s telecommunications/computer rooms shall be required to pass background checks in accordance with the City of Renton Policy and Procedure 250-16 (Electronic Data Security).

6.10.3    Policy 300-44 shall be utilized when conducting criminal records and/or background checks. Background investigations and criminal record checks for civil service positions shall be made in accordance with Civil Service Rules and Regulations.

6.11    Disqualifications:

6.11.1    Applicants may be disqualified from consideration for a position if they fail to meet the minimum requirements, or do not meet legal requirements as set forth in Federal and State law, or if they fail to submit a complete application by the time and date of closing.

6.11.2    Applicants may be disqualified from consideration if they: knowingly make false statements or attempt to practice fraud in the application or selection process, have been convicted of a felony crime (or have pleaded nolo contendere to a felony charge) where the nature of the charge or crime renders an applicant unsuitable for the position, used drugs illegally including prescription drugs, or are mentally or physically unable to perform essential job tasks where no reasonable accommodation can be made for such disability.

6.11.3    Any applicant who was hired and is subsequently discovered to have supplied false or misleading information during the application process, or received negative reference information after the start date, may be subject to immediate termination or have their offer of employment withdrawn.

6.11.4    Candidates who test positive or refuse testing may be terminated immediately or have an offer of employment withdrawn.

6.11.5    In certain cases, failure to pass or submit to a pre-employment medical and/or psychological examination may be cause for withdrawal of an employment offer.

6.11.6    Applicants for positions in which the applicant is expected to operate a motor vehicle, and do not provide a valid Washington State driver’s license within thirty days of hire, or if it is determined that they had a poor driving record, as determined by the City, may be disqualified for employment with the City in positions requiring driving.

6.12    The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires employers to verify work eligibility and proof of identity for all employees hired after November 6, 1986, and maintain documentation of such eligibility for three years or one year after the person’s employment is terminated, whichever is later. An I-9 form shall be completed for all newly hired employees, including both regular and non-regular employees. The completed I-9 form and a copy of the employee’s social security card shall be submitted to the HR & RM Department within three working days of an employee’s start date. The employee shall provide acceptable identifying information, attest to the authenticity of their employment eligibility and documents, and sign the form. The HR & RM Department shall review and verify the documentation and certify to the genuine appearance of the documents presented.