Department: Public Works/Building

Effective Date:    1-1-85


Prepared by:    L. Warren

Approved by:    Barbara Shinpoch


To establish a policy for collection of the special utility connection charge and establishing a procedure for collection of those charges when City property is involved.


All departments/divisions.


Renton Municipal Code Sections 3-241 and 8-717, RCW 82.02.020, Boe v Seattle, 66 Wn 2d 152 (1965), Council action


The special utility connection charge is a mechanism to collect historical costs for the City's infrastructure from a property that has not been previously assessed. Once a property has been assessed it may not be charged again, even if the property goes from a less intensive use, such as a residential use, to a more intensive use, such as an industrial use. When single family residential structures have paid this charge, only the 7,500 feet immediately surroundng the house will be deemed to have been previously assessed.

Property that was developed before the effective date of the first connection charge ordinance in 1965 has been exempted from the connection charge. Any rebuilding or additions to exempted property that do not require additional water usage such that a larger meter is necessary will not trigger a new connection charge. However, when property is redeveloped or the use intensified such that a larger water meter or additional meters are necessary or when no water meter was obtained before, such as property on a well, then any application for the initial water meter or a larger water meter will trigger a utility connecton charge. For the purposes of this policy, such property when applying for an initial or larger water meter shall be property that has not been previously assessed.

City property that was not assessable under the old City ordinances: It is advisable that City property remain not assessable under the new City ordinance. It is felt that the benefits to the utility from other City properties such as utility easements and other benefits offset the utility connection charge fee. Therefore, no special utility charge will be collected on City-owned properties.

When calculating the area to be charged the connection charge, undeveloped greenbelt and major easements within the property shall not be included in the square footage for the calculation of the charge. When determining whether property is undeveloped greenbelts or major easements, the inquiry should be to recorded easements or dedications or restrictions on the Comprehensive Plan or zoning maps or City policies that would prevent development or significant usages. This exemption is intended not to charge property that is undevelopable.

There shall be no other exemptions from the special utility connection charge. Any party extending utilities that may serve other than that party's property may request a latecomer's agreement from the City of Renton. Any party required to over size utilities may request that that utility participate in the cost of the project.