Effective Date:    2/1/95

Supersedes:    8/19/93

Staff Contact:    Gregg Zimmerman

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


To promote the development of markets for recycled products and recyclable products by establishing preferential purchase programs applicable to Renton departments and contractors, thereby diverting materials from the solid waste stream.


All departments/divisions and City contractors.


City Ordinance No. 4408, adopted 7/12/93.


4.1    The City of Renton shall use recycled products and recyclable products whenever practicable.

4.2    The City's Solid Waste Utility shall be responsible for coordinating the implementation of this policy.

4.3    The City's Solid Waste Utility, with the concurrence of the user department, may establish a price preference for any designated recycled product when the performance of that product is sufficient and a price preference will significantly increase procurement of that product.

4.4    The City shall require its contractors and consultants to use recycled products and recyclable products in fulfilling contractual obligations whenever practicable.

4.5    The City shall promote the use of recycled products and recyclable products by publicizing its procurement program.


5.1    "Compost Products" means mulch, soil amendments, ground cover, or other landscaping material derived from the biological or mechanical conversion of cellulose-containing waste materials.

5.2    "Contractor" means any person, group of persons, consultant, designing architect, association, partnership, corporation, or other type of business entity which has a contract with the City (including suppliers) or which serves in a subcontracting capacity with an entity having a contract with the City for the provision of goods and/or services.

5.3    "Designated recycled product" means a product designated in this policy, or designated by the Solid Waste Utility, pursuant to this policy, that meets or surpasses Renton minimum recycled content standards.

5.4    "Internal Report" means a document including a title page or cover sheet which is prepared for use by City Council or City departments, (excluding memos and agenda bills).

5.5    "Minimum recycled content standards" means standards that specify the minimum level of recycled material and/or post-consumer recycled material necessary for designated products to qualify as recycled products.

5.6    "Recycled material" means waste material and by-products that have been recovered or diverted from solid waste and that can be utilized in place of raw or virgin material in manufacturing a product and consist of materials derived from post-consumer waste, manufacturing waste, industrial scrap, agricultural wastes, and other items, all of which can be used in the manufacture of new or recycled products.

5.7    "Post-consumer recycled material" means a material or product that has served its intended use and has been discarded for disposal or recovery by a final consumer.

5.8    "Practicable" means sufficient in performance, available at a reasonable price, and with sufficient service provided.

5.9    "Price preference" means an extra percentage that the City is willing to pay for a recycled product.

5.10    "Recyclable product" means a product which, after its intended end use, can demonstrably be diverted from Renton's solid waste stream for use as raw material in the manufacture of another product.


6.1    Paper and Paper Products:

A.    Renton shall offer a ten percent (10%) price preference for recycled paper purchased for use by the City, except where recycled paper is specifically required by this policy or by user departments.

B.    The City's recycled paper procurement goal for each user department, expressed as a percentage of the total value of paper purchased, is: not less than forty percent by 1993; not less than fifty percent by 1994, and not less than sixty percent by 1995.

C.    All imprinted letterhead paper, envelopes and business cards used by the City shall be recycled paper containing a minimum of 10% post-consumer content. Letterhead paper and envelopes shall bear an imprint identifying the recycled content of the paper, and business cards shall bear an imprint of the chasing-arrow symbol.

D.    The City shall ensure that all contracts for printing require the use of recycled paper and, whenever practicable, the inclusion of the chasing-arrow symbol identifying the recycled content of the paper.

E.    The City shall ensure that the title page of each internal report printed or copied on recycled paper bears an imprint identifying the recycled content of the paper.

F.    Contracts, requests for bids, statements of qualifications and proposals (RFP,SOQ & Bids) issued by the City shall require contractors and consultants to:

1.    Use recycled paper for proposals and for any printed or photocopied material created pursuant to a contract with the City whenever practicable.

2.    Use both sides of paper sheets for reports submitted to the City whenever practicable.

3.    Identify the recycled content of the paper used for such reports whenever practicable.

G.    To reduce the volume of paper purchased, departments shall use both sides of paper sheets whenever practicable.

6.2    The City's Solid Waste Utility shall:

A.    Designate recycled products that can be purchased by departments wherever practicable, in coordination with the user department. These designated recycled products shall include, but not be limited to the products listed in Section 6.6 of this policy.

B.    Determine which designated recycled products shall qualify for a price preference and at what level price preferences shall be set, in coordination with user departments.

C.    Adopt minimum recycled content standards for designated recycled products to maximize recycled product availability, recycled content, including post-consumer content, and competition.

D.    Inform departments of any responsibilities under this policy, communicate to departments the list of designated recycled products, provide departments with information about recycled product procurement opportunities, and assemble an annual report on the status of implementation to the Renton City Council.

6.3    Each department shall:

A.    Purchase recycled products and recyclable products whenever practicable;

B.    Review and evaluate the list of designated recycled products to determine the extent to which the product may be practicably used by the department and its contractors.

C.    Attend periodic meetings, no more than quarterly, with the City's Solid Waste Coordinator, to discuss the progress of policy implementation by the department, including the results of product evaluations conducted by the department, types of recycled products purchased and used by the department and its contractors, and the status of departmental efforts to maximize recycled product procurement.

D.    Ensure that contracts or specifications issued by the department require recycled material content wherever practicable and that contractors provide certification of this content and reports of amounts used.

E.    Identify total purchases of recycled products on an on-going basis.

6.4    Nothing contained in this policy shall preclude user departments from requiring recycled material content as a bid specification.

6.5    Nothing in this policy shall be construed as requiring a department or contractor to procure products that do not perform adequately for their intended use or are not available at a reasonable price in a reasonable period of time.

6.6    Designated Recycled Products:

A.    Paper and paper products;

B.    Compost products;

C.    Cement and asphalt concrete containing glass cullet, recycled fiber or plastic, tire rubber, or fly ash;

D.    Re-crushed cement concrete aggregate and asphalt;

E.    Lubricating oil and hydraulic oil with re-refined oil content;

F.    Antifreeze;

G.    Outdoor-wood product substitutes made from recycled plastic;

H.    Remanufactured or retread tires and products made from recycled tire rubber;

I.    Building insulation products;

J.    Paint;

K.    Remanufactured laser printer toner cartridges;

L.    Glass Cullet;

M.    Carpet;

N.    Tile;

O.    Other products as designated by the Solid Waste Utility.

6.7    Minimum Recycled Content Standards

A.    Paper and Paper Products

B.    Re-refined Motor Oil: must contain no less than 25% re-refined oil.