Department: Community Development/Building

Effective Date:    1/1/89


Staff Contact:    R. Nelson

Approved by:    Earl Clymer


The purpose of this policy is to establish a method of providing interested citizens with written notification of administrative action taken by the City of Renton.


Building, Planning, Public Works.


Not Applicable.


4.1    The city wishes to eliminate the necessity for interested parties to call or physically review official city files to determine the exact date when a final administrative decision has been made by the city. Therefore, the city administration will provide a courtesy notification to interested parties of final administrative action taken by the City of Renton.

4.2    The person or department making a final administrative decision shall notify interested parties of the date and substance of that decision, with the information being provided by regular mail. Such communication is intended to be a courtesy to interested parties and shall neither impose an obligation on the city to give notice nor provide any penalty should the notification be inadvertently neglected.


Not applicable.


6.1    Departments making final administrative decisions which are subject to appeal under the administrative appeals ordinance shall encourage interested persons to become parties of record to a particular file.

6.2    To become a party of record an interested person shall make a written request to be listed on the official city file as a party of record and shall further identify the particular administrative decision of which he or she wishes to be notified. An interested person will not be permitted to become a party of record using such terms as "all final determinations" or other indefinite terms that will require the department to make discretionary judgment as to which decisions will require notification.

6.3    Upon receiving a request for party of record status, the department or division receiving that request shall review it to determine that it is specific and understandable. Should the request be so indefinite or so general as to cause the department to be unsure of when notification of action should be given, then the request shall be returned to the originator asking for more specific information.

6.4    Upon receiving a sufficiently definite request, the department or division shall enter the originator's name and address in the official file as a party of record concerning the action or actions of which notification has been requested.

6.5    When making a final decision on any action or actions upon which party of record status has been noted on the file, the department or division shall provide the party of record with communication which shall include the date that a final action has been taken and the substance of that action. Such notice shall be given in writing by regular mail.

6.6    Should the department or division fail to provide written notice to a party of record of any final action, it shall endeavor to do so as soon as that omission is discovered. However no enforceable right shall exist to provide such notification, which is given as a courtesy only. No expansion of any time limits will be granted because of failure to advise the party of record, nor shall any administrative action taken be invalidated in any fashion because the requested information was not provided.