Department: Community Development

Effective Date:    10/23/89

Supersedes:    Resolution 2630

Staff Contact:    Mark Isaacson, Planning

Approved by:    Richard M. Stredicke


To establish uniform procedures and policies for the receipt and processing of annexation applications.


-    City of Renton Community Development Department

-    Departments reviewing annexations

-    King County Boundary Review Board

-    Adjacent jurisdictions


-    City of Renton Resolution 2429 regarding annexations

-    Boundary Review Board Guidelines RCW 36.93.170 and .180

-    RCW 35A.14, Annexation Procedure for Code Cities

-    City of Renton Resolution 2269 regarding spheres of influence

-    Annexation Handbook for Cities and Towns in Washington State (Dec. 1979)

-    Boundary Review Board Information handbook (May 1984)

-    Boundary Review Board Filing Information for Notices of Intention (Nov. 1988)


In the process of annexing territory into the City of Renton, the City’s role should be that of providing full and complete evaluation of the proposal. Such evaluation should include a review of the annexation proposal and its alternatives by all affected departments upon the submission of the 10% Notice of Intent application. (Excerpted from Council Resolution 2429)




6.1    Upon initial public contact regarding an annexation proposal, staff will: (a) discuss the relevant steps and fees in the annexation process with the potential applicant; (b) supply the potential applicant with the necessary forms and information to proceed with preparing an annexation proposal; (c) if necessary, direct the applicant to the Current Planning Division and Utilities Divisions.

6.2    10% Notice of Intent Petition

6.2.1    Receive the annexation application form, notice of intent letter, signature sheets and required $100 filing fee.

6.2.2    Request the Public Works Department to prepare a legal description, map and assessor roll for the proposed annexation.

6.2.3    Review notice of intent letter for signature consistency with the assessor roll and determine whether a minimum of 10% of the assessed value has signed the petition.

6.2.4    Circulate the annexation application to appropriate departments for review and comment using the annexation review form.

6.3    City Council Public Meeting on the 10% Notice of Intent Petition

6.3.1    Upon verification of the petition, prepare a City Council agenda bill to set a public meeting on the proposed annexation within 60 days of submittal of a certified petition.

6.3.2    Following the City Council’s action to establish a public meeting date, the city clerk’s office will notify the applicant by mail.

6.3.3    Prior to the City Council public meeting, prepare and submit an annexation review summary consisting of the necessary information for the City Council to adequately review the annexation proposal.

6.4    60% Annexation Petition

6.4.1    Upon City Council concurrence with the 10% Notice of     Intent application and authorization to circulate the 60% petition, prepare the 60% petition application and forward it to the proponent. Upon acceptance of the completed 60% petition application, filing fee, and SEEP checklist and filing fee, staff will compare the signatures on the petition with the assessor roll and determine whether the assessed value meets the minimum 60% required. If not, return the petition to the proponent to circulate for additional signatures. When the 60% petition has been satisfied, the receiving officer making that determination shall certify the petition.

6.4.2    If 80% of the boundaries of the proposed annexation area adjoin those of the city, compare the signatures on the petition with the assessor roll and determine whether the assessed value meets the minimum 60% required. If not, return the petition to the proponent to circulate for additional signatures. When the 60% petition has been satisfied, the receiving officer making that determination shall certify the petition.

6.4.3    Route the completed application (including the comments made at the time of the 10% review) for final departmental comments and recommendations. The proponent shall prepare and submit the environmental checklist for the annexation with the 60% petition application. If a concurrent rezone or land use permit is also under consideration, the proponent shall prepare the environmental checklist reflecting the development proposal. Where the annexation territory is larger than the area under consideration for a development proposal, the proponent shall submit two separate environmental checklists, one for annexation and one for the development proposal.

6.4.4    When departmental review is completed, place the annexation on the Environmental Review Committee (ERC) agenda for consideration. If a concurrent rezone/land use permit is also included, these can be considered on the same agenda. The responsible official shall make the appropriate SEPA determination and complete the environmental review process.

6.5    City Council Public Hearing on the 60% Petition

6.5.1    Once the SEPA process is complete, prepare a City Council agenda bill to set a public hearing on the petition for four weeks later.

6.5.2    Update the annexation review summary to include any additional or revised recommendation and the SEPA findings. Submit the revised summary, maps and additional information as needed at the public hearing.

6.5.3    Present a synopsis of the staff findings and recommendation to the City Council using maps and any additional illustrative material deemed appropriate.

6.5.4    If the annexation application is approved, proceed with preparation of the notice of intention to be circulated to the Boundary Review Board.

6.6    Notice of Intention to Annex - Application to the King County Boundary Review Board

6.6.1    The notice of intention letter to the King County Boundary Review Board shall be drafted by the Community Development Department for review and signature of the Mayor

6.6.2    Except for annexation proposals that are less than ten acres in size and less than two million dollars of assessed value, the fee for the Community Development Department’s preparation of the notice of intention shall be $75.00/hour..

6.6.3    If the annexation contains less than ten acres and is less than $2,000,000 in assessed value, the following paragraph should be included:

“Pursuant to RCW 36.93.110, the City of Renton requests that this annexation, containing less than ten acres and being less than $2,000,000 in assessed value, be found not to require review by the board to protect the public interest.”

6.6.4    The notice of intention has three main components: 1) background and maps; 2) factors the board must consider; and 3) objectives of RCW 36.93.180. A complete and detailed outline of the required components of the notice of intention may be found in pages one through five of “Boundary Review Board Filing Information for Notice of Intention,” dated November 1988.

6.6.5    Request a check for the filing fee from the Finance Department as soon as the notice of intention letter is drafted.

6.7    Final Adoption of the Annexation Proposal

6.7.1    After the notice of intention is filed with Boundary Review Board, the City will be notified of the official date of filing and the last date of the required 45-day review period.

6.7.2    If the Boundary Review Board establishes a public hearing for the subject annexation, the Community Development Department will coordinate the City’s testimony in support of the annexation at the Boundary Review Board hearing. The Community Development Department will determine which departments are necessary or would be effective in supporting the annexation proposal and assure their attendance at the public hearing.

6.7.3    The City shall receive written notification when the annexation is approved by the Boundary Review Board. Upon receipt of such documentation, a City Council agenda bill should be prepared indicating the board’s approval and forwarding the annexation to the Ways and Means Committee for preparation of appropriate legislation to annex the property.

6.7.4    Upon adoption of the annexation ordinance and following the publication period required, the Community Development Department will prepare a census of all residents within the annexation area.

6.7.5    Following adoption of the annexation ordinance and prior to completion of the publication period, the Building Division shall contact each property owner and/or renter in the annexation territory to establish revised addresses and provide information which may be appropriate to assist new city residents with orientation to city services. An informational packet for new property owners and residents, prepared by the Building Division, shall be forwarded to the city clerk’s office for inclusion of additional information prior to being mailed.

6.7.6    Upon completion of the special census, an annexation certificate will be provided to the State of Washington, Office of Financial Management. The certificate shall include the special population census summary sheets, enumeration district summary sheet(s), block summary sheet(s) and special population census schedule.

6.7.8    At the same time similar notification shall be provided to the city’s director of emergency services.

6.7.9    The annexation will be complete once the annexation certificate has been returned from the State Department of Financial management.

6.8    General Administrative Procedures

6.8.1    Upon completion of the annexation process, all official files of the annexation application will be maintained by the city clerk’s office.

6.8.2    The Community Development Department will maintain all working files for annexation applications currently under review by the City. When an annexation process has been completed the related file shall be transmitted to the city clerk’s office.

6.9    Public Notification Procedure

6.9.1    At the direction of the city clerk, Public Works personnel shall post notices of annexation applications which give the time and place of the public hearings/meetings. All notices shall be posted in a manner consistent with the City’s adopted notification procedures for public hearings/meetings.

6.9.2    The city clerk’s staff will prepare notice for publication (in the Valley Daily News, Renton edition) not less than ten days prior to the public hearing/meeting and will notify the parties of record.

6.9.3    All public hearing/meeting notices shall include a description of the location of the annexation and either a vicinity map or a location description in non-legal language. There shall also be a telephone number listed on the notice indicating that any interested person may become a party of record and receive additional information on the proposed annexation by calling the City.

6.9.4    Notice is to be sent to the State Department of Transportation, adjoining municipality(ies), and any special purpose districts (if applicable) when a proposed annexation is adjacent to or included within any of these jurisdictions.