Effective Date:    3/1/87


Prepared by:    M. Parness

Approved by:    Barbara Y. Shinpoch


To establish policy and procedural guidelines for the use of the City-owned portable stage and related equipment.


All departments/divisions, public agencies with jurisdictions in Renton, local community groups and associations.


Not applicable.


4.1    The City shall use its portable stage and make the stage available to support activities and events that are beneficial to the public interest and general public welfare.

4.1.1    All public or governmental agencies shall qualify as organizations that may utilize the stage for official programs and events.

4.1.2    Any public service group, association, fraternal organization, or community club may apply for use of this equipment when the use is shown to support an effort to enhance the cultural, social, educational, or recreational well-being of the Renton community.

4.2    The Director of the Renton Parks and Recreation Department or his designee shall be responsible for maintaining, storing, and administering the use of this equipment for the City.

4.3    When reviewing applications for use of the stage, the Parks Director or designee must determine that the proposed use does not:

a)    support an activity the purpose of which is to advertise or promote the sale of commercial products or services for private gain;

b)    support an event or activity which promotes a particular partisan or political position, issue, or any political candidate or group of candidates except when formally approved as appropriate by a duly elected body as allowed by law (i.e., City Council, School Board);

c)    support events or activities that would produce a conflict with established rules and regulations of the Park Board or other City laws, regulations or policies.

4.4    The Park Director or designee may establish reasonable fees for use of the stage by users outside of the City organization. The amount of such fees shall not exceed the real cost incurred by the City in providing the stage for external use.


Not applicable


6.1    Any party requesting use of the stage must submit a completed application (form available at Parks Department) at least two weeks prior to the event.

6.2    The requesting party must provide adequate insurance for the event. (See Park form.) It is the responsibility of the requesting party to pay for all repair costs to the stage and/or related equipment damaged during the use of said equipment.

6.3    The Parks Director shall determine if the proposed use of the stage conforms to the intent established by this policy and approve or deny the application.

6.3.1    If the Director decides that the proposed use is or may be in conflict with policies established herein, the question may be at his discretion be submitted to the Mayor’s office for a review and final administrative determination.

6.4    Fees assessed for use of the stage must be paid 72 hours in advance of the event.

6.4.1    An applicant may be charged an additional amount if the cost to the City to provide the stage exceeds the estimated amount established by the fee. For instance, if City personnel are assigned to retrieve the stage at a specified time and the equipment is still in use, the additional personnel costs for stand-by time may be transferred to the applicant.

6.5    Any cancellation of the request to use the stage should be provided in writing at least 72 hours prior to the time established for delivery of the stage. Upon timely receipt of the written cancellation, any fees collected shall be reimbursed in full.

6.5.1    If the written cancellation is received with less than 72 hours’ notice, the reimbursement, shall be made less any costs that have been incurred by the City.