Effective Date:    3/8/99

Supersedes:    8/18/97

Prepared by:    Jim Shepherd

Approved by:    Jesse Tanner


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures and criteria for the official naming of parks, recreation and public facilities.


All departments/divisions.




It is the policy of the City Of Renton that the selection of commemorative names for City owned facilities will be accomplished in accordance with this procedure.




6.1    The naming of parks and facilities should be approached with caution, patience and deliberation.

6.2    A name, once adopted, should be bestowed with the intention that it will be permanent.

6.3    Suggestions for names for any park, or public facility may be solicited from individuals and/or organizations. All suggestions, solicited or not, shall be recorded and forwarded to the appropriate Board or department for review and consideration. (E.g. names recommended for a Park would go to Park Board, a Library would go to the Library Board, or the name for another city facility would go to the Facilities Division of the Community Services Department.)

6.4    Staff may review suggestions for names and make a recommendation(s) to the appropriate Board or department for consideration.

6.5    The Board or Department, following such review and consideration of public and staff input, shall select a name.

6.6    Selected name shall be approved and accepted by the Board or Department, and then forwarded through the Mayor's office to the Renton City Council for final approval and adoption.

6.7    Following adoption of the facility name by the City Council, the Community Services Department shall identify the specific facility with appropriate signage, specifying the name. Names will be considered to be unique to a specific facility, and will not be transferred to a new or replacement facility in the future.

6.8    Existing facility names shall be reviewed in order to avoid duplication, confusing similarity and/or inappropriateness.

6.9    In naming a facility or park the following criteria should be considered:

6.9.1    Neighborhood or geographical identification (e.g., Highlands Neighborhood Center, Kennydale Park).

6.9.2    A natural or geological feature (e.g., Cedar River Trail, Black River Riparian Forest).

6.9.3    Historical or Cultural Significance (e.g., Henry Moses Pool, Liberty Park).

6.9.4    An individual or family who has made a significant land and/or monetary contribution to the park system (e.g., Jones Park, Monahan Wing in the Renton Community Center).

6.9.5    An individual or family who has performed significant public service which made a tangible contribution to the welfare of the City and its citizens or otherwise demonstrated some form of civic achievement that is worthy of a permanent memorial (e.g., Teasdale Park, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park). Length of service, in and of itself, does not meet this threshold. Elected/appointed City of Renton officials and currently employed City staff shall not be eligible for consideration until they are no longer in office or have retired from city service.

7.0    The final recommendation shall include a narrative describing or quantifying in some detail, the personal contribution. The qualifying achievement should be the result of extraordinary dedication to the City, over and above the satisfactory performance of normal duties.

8.0    In circumstances where the selection of a name for a park or public facility considers a person's name, there shall be a time lapse of at least six months between receipt of a name proposal and the final recommendation on its adoption.