Accident Prevention Program


Number: 700-05 (formerly General Policy and Employee Responsibility)

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Nancy Carlson

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Denis Law


1.1    To establish a policy for the promotion and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace.

1.2    To establish guidelines to help all employees understand their responsibilities for meeting safety requirements, as set forth by law and/or the City of Renton.


All departments/divisions.


WAC 296-800-140


This Accident Prevention Program incorporates a wide variety of safety-related policies from the Renton Policy and Procedures Manual, each of which must be utilized when details about a particular topic are needed. The most recent version of each adopted safety policy is maintained by the Renton City Clerk.

It is the policy of the City of Renton to achieve the greatest practical degree of freedom from accidents and to ensure that its employees are provided safe and healthful working conditions free from recognized hazards.

The City is vitally concerned with the safety and well-being of its employees and the public that they serve. It is the responsibility of all employees to share this concern and support the City’s efforts to provide a safe and healthful environment.

Therefore, it shall be the responsibility of every employee to observe the safety precautions and regulations identified for each job situation at all times. Responsibility is further outlined below:

4.1    Management shall:

4.1.1    Have thorough knowledge of the regulations applicable to the positions for which he/she has responsibility;

4.1.2    Provide the necessary safety equipment and safety training to employees and assure that safety regulations and City policies are followed; and

4.1.3    Seek out and correct all unsafe conditions and unsafe work practices.

4.2    The field or first-line supervisor shall:

4.2.1    Have complete knowledge of the safety regulations applicable to the positions he or she supervises;

4.2.2    Provide employees with an adequate safety orientation and instruct them about applicable safety regulations, prior to beginning the work to be performed;

4.2.3    Ensure that employees know how and when to use safety equipment applicable to the work being performed;

4.2.4    Ensure regulations are followed and safety equipment is used; and

4.2.5    Address safety concerns by correcting or reporting safety deficiencies, upon knowledge of same.

4.3    The employee shall:

4.3.1    Learn the safety regulations and safe work practices applicable to the job being performed;

4.3.2    Use safety equipment and/or personal protective equipment as set forth by regulations at all times and at the direction of the supervisor; and

4.3.3    Report safety concerns, recognized hazards, and unsafe work practices to his or her supervisor.

4.4    Failure to comply with the responsibilities set forth above shall be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.


Not applicable.


The following safety policies and procedures are to be utilized as an integral part of the City’s overall Accident Prevention Program. Each policy and procedure will be reviewed and updated, as necessary, to maintain an effective program and to comply with changes to applicable regulations. Policies may also be added or deleted.

6.1    Current City safety policies and procedures include the following, below. Policies are subject to unscheduled changes, additions, and deletions. Current policies are available from your department’s copy of the Renton Policy and Procedures Manual, Human Resources & Risk Management, and the Renton City Clerk.

6.1.1    Policy #300-38 - Workers’ Compensation/Industrial Insurance Program

6.1.2    Policy #300-55 – Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

6.1.3     Policy #700-01 - First Aid Cards

6.1.4     Policy #700-02 – Hazard Reporting

6.1.5    Policy #700-03 – Accident Reporting (Employee-Vehicle-Property)

6.1.6.    Policy #700-04 – Safety Inspection of City-Owned Facilities

6.1.7.    Policy #700-05 – Accident Prevention Program

6.1.8.    Policy #700-06 – Central Safety Committee

6.1.9.    Policy #700-07 – Hot Work Procedure

6.1.10.    Policy #700-08 – Drivers’ Licenses

6.1.11.    Policy #700-09 – Occupational Illnesses and Injuries

6.1.12.    Policy #700-10 – Emergency Evacuation of City Buildings

6.1.13.    Policy #700-11 – Hearing Conservation

6.1.14.    Policy #700-12 – Personal Protective Equipment

6.1.15.    Policy #700-13 – Flagging Certification

6.1.16.    Policy #700-14 – Hazard Communication Program

6.1.17.    Policy #700-15 – Seat Belt Use

6.1.18.    Policy #700-17 – Operation of City Vehicle and Movement of City Employees within the Renton Municipal Airport

6.1.19.    Policy #700-18 – Confined Spaces

6.1.20.    Policy #700-20 – Violence Free Workplace

6.1.21.    Policy #700-21 – Hazardous Energy Control

6.1.22.    Policy #700-22 – Respiratory Protection

6.1.23.    Policy #700-23 – Outdoor Heat Exposure Prevention Program

6.1.24.    Policy #700-24 – Vehicle Collision Review

6.1.25.    Policy #700-25 – Competent Person Designation

6.1.26.    Policy #700-26 – Fall Protection

6.1.27.    Policy #700-27 – Personal Items in the Workplace

6.1.28.    Policy #700-28 – Tools and Equipment in the Workplace

6.2    A few basic safety rules that may not be included within individual safety policies or procedures include the following:

6.2.1    Do not remove or disable any safety device. Keep guards in place when operating machinery.

6.2.2    Never operate a vehicle or piece of equipment unless you have been trained in its use and are authorized to do so. Keep equipment properly maintained and adjusted.

6.2.3    Use your personal protective equipment whenever it is required.

6.2.4    Obey all safety warning signs. Observe and comply with all health and safety rules and regulations.

6.2.5    Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or using them at work is prohibited.

6.2.6    Smoking is prohibited in City vehicles or within 25 feet of any building entry or ventilation intake.

6.2.7    Horseplay and fighting are prohibited.

6.2.8    Clean up spills immediately. This includes break rooms and inside refrigerators and microwave ovens.

6.2.9    Replace tools after use and return unused supplies to their designated storage area.

6.2.10    Know the location of emergency exits and fire extinguishers. Be familiar with emergency procedures and evacuation routes applicable to your work area.

6.2.11    Keep all emergency equipment, such as fire extinguishers, travel ways, exit doors, and circuit breaker panels clear of obstacles.

6.2.12     Report all work-caused injuries and illnesses promptly to your supervisor.

6.3    Safety Orientations

6.3.1    Each department shall be responsible for the development and implementation of an adequate safety orientation for every employee prior to that employee being exposed to a potentially hazardous operation or condition, and as required by current safety regulations.

6.3.2    An orientation checklist specifically applicable to every new employee shall be utilized to determine what training will be required and the supervisor shall document that the training has been successfully completed. The employee shall sign off that they have completed each major training element prior to beginning work where the training is applicable. Completed orientation checklists shall be returned to Human Resources for inclusion with the employee’s personnel file.