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Nancy A. Carlson

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Denis Law


The City of Renton recognizes that there is a potential for injury to people and damage to property that can result from fire or sparks that arise when hot work is performed outside of a designated safe hot work area. This operating procedure establishes a permit authorization system to ensure that all hazards are evaluated and that appropriate safety measures and controls are taken prior to and during any operation that uses an open-flame or spark-producing apparatus.


WAC 2 296-809-800


This policy, through the Hot Work Program and the authorizing Permit (see Attachment A), establishes the means to assess the work area and the planned hot work activity to ensure sufficient and necessary controls are in place to prevent a fire. Hot work will only be performed in areas that are or have been made fire safe. Where fire prevention precautions (such as a fire suppression system or a fire or smoke detection system) are not sufficient, a fire watch person shall be assigned to monitor the area for fire, as needed. Any work involving burning, welding, torch cutting, grinding where sparks are produced, soldering, or brazing in construction, maintenance and fabrication activities shall follow the City of Renton Hot Work Program. The City also has a written authorization (Hot Work Permit; see Attachment A) which must be completed prior to any hot work when operations will be performed in a confined space that can provide a source of ignition, such as riveting, welding, cutting, burning, and heating. The City of Renton Hot Work Program further explains the conditions where the Hot Work Permit is required.

Failure to properly adhere to City of Renton Hot Work Program procedures shall result in suspension of competent person authority and possible disciplinary action.


4.1    Designated Area: Permanent location designed for or approved by a Hot Work Supervisor for hot work operations to be performed regularly.

4.2    Hot Work: Any work involving welding, brazing, soldering, heat treating, grinding, powder-actuated tools, hot riveting and all other similar applications producing a spark, flame, or heat, or similar operations that are capable of initiating fires or explosions.

4.3    Hot Work Operator: An individual designated by the Department Director to perform hot work under the authorization of a Hot Work Supervisor.

4.4    Hot Work Permit: A document issued by the Hot Work Supervisor for the purpose of authorizing a specified activity.

4.5    Hot Work Supervisor (HWS): For City employees, the Hot Work Supervisor shall have successfully completed the competent person training and examination in order to be considered competent. For outside contractors, the Hot Work Supervisor shall be identified and the name provided to the project manager. The HWS cannot be the hot work operator.

4.6    Welding and Allied Processes: Those processes such as arc welding, oxy-fuel gas welding, open-flame soldering, brazing, thermal spraying, oxygen cutting, and arc cutting.