Department: SAFETY

Effective Date:    2/10/97

Supersedes:    8/12/96

Staff Contact:    B. Nelson Glode

Approved by:    Jesse Tanner


To establish policy for the requirement of a valid Washington State Driver's License by employees whose jobs routinely involve driving city vehicles.


All departments/divisions.


Policy & Procedure #330-11, Types of Employees, Pay, Benefits & Retirement


Any employee whose work requires that he/she drive city vehicles must hold a valid Washington State Driver's License.

4.1    Annual driver's license checks will be made of employees whose jobs routinely involve driving city vehicles. The review will be visual and formal by the department/division head or their designated representative. Any employee who does not hold a valid driver's license will not be allowed to operate a city vehicle until such time as he/she obtains a valid license.

4.2    An employee performing work which requires the operation of a city vehicle whose license is expired, suspended or revoked, and/or who is unable to obtain an occupational permit from the State Department of Licensing, is subject to disciplinary action including demotion or termination. An employee who fails to immediately report such revocation or suspension to his/her supervisor and continues to operate a city vehicle may be subject to termination.

4.3    All new employees, regular and non-regular/hourly, as defined in Policy #330-11, and volunteers who are assigned work entailing the operating of a city vehicle shall be required to submit a Department of Motor Vehicles driving records check as a condition of employment. No duties involving the operation of a city vehicle will be permitted until the DMV report has been received by the employer. Information indicating a suspended or revoked license status may be cause to deny or terminate employment.


Not applicable.


6.1    During the month of January of each year, all employees whose job description involves driving a City vehicle, will have their drivers license visually inspected by the department head or their designated representative.

6.2    The results of the inspection are recorded on the License inspection form and forwarded to the City Safety Officer no later than the 15th of February.

6.3    The Safety Officer will report any individual whose status does not allow them to operate a motor vehicle to the department head and to the Fleet Manager. The report will prohibit the employee from operating a City vehicle.

6.4    The Fleet Manager or the first line supervisor will ensure that no vehicles are dispatched to employees who do not have a valid drivers license or appropriate endorsements to their license. Until an employee can show documented proof that their license status allows operation of a motor vehicle, the employee will be forbidden to operate any City vehicle.

6.5    Supervisors are required to visually check the licenses and DMV reports of all regular, non-regular/hourly and volunteer employees upon hiring. The results of those checks will be attached to the City of Renton Safety Orientation Checklist. The checklist will be promptly forwarded to the Human Resources & Risk Management Office.