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Nancy A. Carlson

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Denis Law


This policy addresses when employees will be required to bring personal tools into the workplace, and when the city will and will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.


All departments/divisions.


See Safety policy entitled "Personal Items in the Workplace."


4.1    The City of Renton accepts the responsibility for providing employees the necessary tools and equipment to perform the work that is expected of them. The city also recognizes that there are some exceptions where employees may be either required to provide, or allowed to bring, their own personal tools, equipment, or personal effects into the workplace.

4.2    Employees who work as Vehicle and Equipment Mechanics and Equipment Leads in the City of Renton Public Works Department, may be required to provide personal tools or equipment in order to perform their job.


Not applicable


When employees are required to provide their own minimum set of common tools of equipment the following procedures apply.

6.1    The city will provide and make available certain specialty tools for employee use. City-owned tools of value shall be marked or tagged accordingly.

6.2    The employee will provide and have available for use those common tools specified on the Minimum Tool Requirement List and not provided by the city as specified by the employee's department Administrator. To ensure equity in this matter, the respective department will maintain a written representative listing of such common tools needed for the work to be performed. Minimum tools may vary among various positions, depending upon the employee's duties. Each employee will be required to provide substantially all of the tools on the list of common tools assigned to their position.

6.3    An accurate inventory of the required personal tools shall be provided by the employee to the department's manager or supervisor. The employee shall be required to maintain this inventory by providing changes, additions, or deletions to the inventory list. The supervisor shall ensure the accuracy of the inventory list. Additional unscheduled inventories may be conducted to determine if the tools are still available. Only those tools, required in the performance of the mechanic's duties or specifically allowed by the supervisor and added to the inventory list and not otherwise provided by the city, will be stored on the city's premises and included in the inventory.

6.4    Personal tools and equipment that have value to the employee shall be permanently marked with durable and unique letters, numbers, or symbols that identify each item as belonging to a respective employee. The model and serial number (if available), manufacturer, quantity, size, condition, and description of each tool or piece of equipment shall be recorded in the inventory.

6.5    Tools broken or damaged in the course of work will be replaced by the department with like and kind tools at no cost to the employee, except as otherwise addressed in this document. The item being replaced shall be surrendered to the city. Employees shall be responsible for the cost of any upgrades to specific tools or equipment. The supervisor shall determine the difference in value of any upgrades from the tool being replaced.

6.6    Lost tools will not be replaced at city expense unless a sufficient explanation is given to and accepted by the supervisor as being out of the employee's control.

6.7    The employee's supervisor shall determine if a tool is damaged to the extent of needing replacement and/or if the tool was abused by the employee. Abused personal tools and equipment will not be replaced at city expense.

6.8    The supervisor shall address the loss, misuse, or abuse of tools and equipment through disciplinary action, as may be necessary.

6.9    Any personal tools or equipment considered by the supervisor to be unsafe or nonfunctional shall not be allowed in the workplace. City-owned tools, determined by the supervisor to be functionally defective or unsafe, shall be removed from service.

6.10    Employees are responsible for the security of personal tools used for work assignments. Upon completion of work assignments or at the end of the work day, the employee's personal tools are to be either secured or removed from the premises in such a manner as to ensure their safekeeping. If a tool is removed from the premise, it shall be taken off the inventory list. City-owned tools are to be returned to their designated storage location.

6.11    The city will make a reasonable effort to secure the work facilities where employees perform their duties. In the event of theft of personal tools, a police report shall be filed and, for consideration for reimbursement, a claim must be filed with the city for investigation by Risk Management and for a determination of the validity of the claim to be made.

a.    If Risk Management determines that there was no negligence on the part of the employee, the items were properly secured, and were included on the signed inventory, then the claim will be considered valid.

b.    No claim or portion of such claim will be considered valid unless all these requirements are met.

c.    Risk Management will submit its determination to the Department Administrator and, if the claim is a valid one, replacement in kind will be recommended.

d.    The recommendation for replacement in kind must also be approved by the Department Administrator before any purchase is made.

e.    Purchases for replacement in kind will be made by the Department's standard purchasing procedures and charged to the department or Insurance Fund, as according to applicable city policies and procedures.

f.    After receiving authorization for an in kind replacement, the employee will sign a Proof of Loss and Release Form, available from Risk Management.

g.    An employee may appeal a declined property reimbursement claim only through the Human Resources and Risk Management (HRRM) Department Administrator within 10 calendar days of receipt of the claim denial.

h.    The HRRM Administrator's decision is final.

6.12    Employees may not remove city-owned tools from the workplace unless preauthorized by the supervisor. Any city-owned tools or equipment issued to a specific employee remains city-owned property.

6.13    City-owned tools and equipment are not to be borrowed or utilized for personal use.