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Jay Covington

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Ed Prince, Council President


To establish guidelines and procedures for the selection of Council committees and appointment of members.


City Councilmembers


RCW 42.30


4.1    The Committee on Committees shall consist of three (3) members of the City Council: the President-elect, the President pro-tem elect and the immediate Past Council President. If the immediate Past Council President is no longer a member of the Council, then the third member shall be a Councilmember selected by the incoming Council President.

4.1.1    The Committee on Committees shall recommend to the full Council the organization and membership of Standing Committees and Special Committees, including the discontinuance of any standing or special committee and the reassignment of its duties and functions to another committee or committees.

4.1.2    The Committee on Committees shall recommend to the full Council the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Member to serve on each Standing Committee of the Council.

4.1.3    When determining the various committee assignments the Committee on Committees should at no time act to effectively exclude one or more Councilmembers from serving as a full and equal representative on the Council.

4.1.4    The members of the City Council shall establish, through mutual agreement, the seating arrangement and office assignments for the City Council. Should a conflict related to those issues arise, the Committee on Committees shall convene to study the question and provide a recommendation for Council consideration and action.

4.2    The City Council shall establish Standing Committees consisting of three (3) members each, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. Two members shall constitute a quorum. Members of Standing Committees shall be recommended by the Committee on Committees with the approval of the majority of City Council, as provided in Section 4.1.

4.2.1    The Chair shall act as spokesperson for the committee and will present all reports to the Council.

4.2.2    It shall be the duty of each Standing Committee to fairly examine all subject matters that have been formally referred by the City Council which fall within the scope of the committee’s jurisdiction.

4.2.3    The Chair shall have the power to call the members of the committee together at reasonable times and places to consider business before the committee. With proper notice, the Chair or a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the committee may call a committee meeting at any time.

4.2.4    Committee activities, investigation, and recommendations shall be reported to the full Council at a regularly scheduled meeting. All recommendations shall be read from a written document signed by a majority of the committee. Such reports shall be preserved in the records of the City Clerk Division.    Whenever any member of a committee cannot agree with the conclusion or written report of the majority of that committee, such member may file a minority report, in writing, stating fully his or her views with regard to the subject matter. The minority report shall be read at the same time the majority report of the committee is reported to the Council. No vote may be taken until all reports have been read. All minority reports shall also be preserved in the records of the City Clerk Division.

4.2.5    Standing Committees of the Council may, at their discretion, and within the guidelines established by law, hold Public Hearings on issues delegated for their review. Information provided at such hearings on issues serve as the basis for recommendations submitted to the full Council provided the subject of the committee recommendation would not be considered at a subsequent Public Hearing of the City Council. Public Hearings/Meetings will be noticed as required by law.

4.3    The Committee of the Whole may convene from time to time for the purpose of Council work sessions or retreats.

4.3.1    The Council President shall serve as Chair.

4.3.2    In the absence of the Council President, the Council President Pro Tempore shall preside.

4.3.3    No final disposition shall be taken at any Council work session; however, nothing shall prevent the Council from taking an informal vote on any matter under discussion. Recommendations shall be offered for final action at a succeeding regular meeting of the Council.

4.4    When deemed necessary, the Council President shall recommend to the full Council the establishment of special, temporary, or ad hoc committees.




6.1    The Committee on Committee shall submit to the Council recommendations for membership and chairs for each committee; this shall occur no later than January 31 for the year in which the committees are to serve.

6.1.1    Should the committee recommendation fail to receive majority approval, the Committee on Committees shall reconvene to prepare alternative proposals until an acceptable organization is achieved.

6.1.2    Membership on the Committee on Committees shall be for a term of one year commencing with the election of the President-elect.

6.2    Membership on all Standing Committees shall be for a term of one year, commencing no later than January 31 and concluding upon approval by the full Council of a successor committee.

6.2.1    Until such recommendation is accepted and Council organization is complete, the previously constituted committees shall continue to meet. Newly-elected Councilmembers shall serve on all committees previously assigned to their predecessor.

6.2.2    Meetings of all Standing Committees will be called by the committee Chair at mutual agreement of members.

6.2.3    The Council President shall not serve as a regular member on any Standing Committee; however, he or she may serve as an ex-officio member of any Council committee and may vote when a regular committee member is unable to attend. At no time shall four (4) members of the City Council hold voting positions on any Standing Committee of the Council.    Should a Standing Committee fail to achieve a quorum for a scheduled committee meeting and the Council President is unable to attend, the Chair may appoint another Councilmember to attend and vote on all issues considered by the committee.

6.3    Membership of the Committee of the Whole shall include all duly elected Councilmembers.

6.3.1    Prior to each regular weekly Council meeting, the Council may hold work sessions.    Special Committee of the Whole meetings may be held at other times when approved by the majority of Council.

6.3.2    Items for discussion shall be appropriately referred to the Committee of the Whole.

6.3.3    The Council President will determine the items to be listed on the Committee of the Whole meeting agenda.