Chapter 17.36


17.36.010    Purpose

17.36.020    Standards

17.36.010 Purpose

This chapter establishes lighting levels for gasoline stations, convenience store aprons and under freestanding canopies to ensure adequate lighting for the activities taking place in such locations. (Ord. 03-1033 § 11)

17.36.020 Standards

A.    Areas on the apron away from the gasoline pump islands used for parking or vehicle storage shall be illuminated in accordance with the requirements for surface parking areas set forth in Chapter 17.24 SMC. If no gasoline pumps are provided, the entire apron shall be treated as a parking area.

B.    Areas around the pump islands and under canopies shall be illuminated so that the minimum horizontal illuminance at grade level is at least one (1) footcandle and no more than five and one-half (5.5) footcandles. The uniformity ratio shall be no greater than four to one (4:1). Maximum illumination level shall be no more than twenty-two (22) footcandles.

C.    Light fixtures mounted on canopies shall be recessed or flush mounted so that the lens cover is recessed or flush with the bottom surface or ceiling of the canopy and/or shielded by the fixture or the edge of the canopy so that light is restrained to no more than eighty-five (85) degrees from vertical as shown in Figure 17.36.020c.

D.    As an alternative or supplement to recessed ceiling lights, indirect lighting may be used where light is beamed upward then reflected down from the underside of the canopy. In such case light fixtures must be shielded so that direct illumination is focused exclusively on the underside of the canopy.

E.    Lights shall not be mounted on the top or sides (fascias) of the canopy, and the sides of the canopy shall not be illuminated.

F.    Illuminance levels shall conform to those specified by the IESNA Handbook, Figure 17-20.


Figure 17.36.020a
Bad Example of Gasoline/Service Station Lighting

Figure 17.36.020b
Good Example of Gasoline/Service Station Lighting

Figure 17.36.020c
Gasoline Pump Canopy Elevation View

(Ord. 03-1033 § 11)