Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Library association created.

2.76.020    Board of trustees—Property management.

2.76.030    Board of trustees—Membership.

2.76.040    Board of trustees—Officers.

2.76.050    Duties.

2.76.060    Report to city council.

2.76.070    Library fund.

2.76.090    Rules and regulations.

2.76.100    Finances.

2.76.110    Duties of secretary.

2.76.120    Quarterly budget.

2.76.130    City not liable for indebtedness.

2.76.010 Library association created.

There is hereby created a department of city government to be known as Sedro Woolley library association. (Ord. 150 § 1, 1914)

2.76.020 Board of trustees—Property management.

All real and personal property of the Sedro Woolley public library, and the management and control thereof shall be and is vested in the present board of trustees of Sedro Woolley library association (consisting of five members) and their successors. (Ord. 809 § 2A, 1975: Ord. 150 § 2, 1914)

2.76.030 Board of trustees—Membership.

Members of the board of trustees shall serve for a term of five years, and one member shall be appointed on or before the first meeting of the city council in August of each and every year, by the mayor with the consent of the city council, from citizens of recognized fitness for such position.

No citizen shall be ineligible as a trustee by reason of sex, and no trustee, as such, shall ever receive any compensation. All vacancies shall be, as soon as possible, filled by appointment by the mayor, with consent of the city council and in an unexpired term for the residue of the term only. The fiscal year of the library board shall end on the last Monday of August of each year and the respective terms of the members and officers thereof shall begin on the first Tuesday following the last Monday in August at twelve noon. The present members of the board of trustees shall determine, by lot, whose term of office shall expire each year, and shall advise the mayor and city council of the result of such determination. (Ord. 809 § 2B, 1975; Ord. 150 § 3, 1914)

2.76.040 Board of trustees—Officers.

The officers of the board of trustees shall consist of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, who shall be elected by the trustees from among their own membership on the last Monday of August of each year, and shall serve for one year, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The members of the board of trustees and the officers thereof, shall qualify by taking the constitutional oath of office, and the treasurer, before qualifying, shall execute a bond to the city of Sedro Woolley in the penal sum of one thousand dollars with two or more sufficient sureties, approved by the mayor, conditioned for the faithful performance of his or her duties. (Ord. 150 § 4, 1914)

2.76.050 Duties.

The board of trustees shall make and adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations for their own guidance and for the government of the library as may be expedient, not inconsistent with this chapter, and the laws of the state of Washington. They shall have the supervision, care and custody of the rooms or buildings, constructed, leased or set apart for the library and the exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected by the city for the library fund, and such money shall be paid out from the treasury by the city treasurer upon the properly authenticated vouchers of the board of trustees without further audit. The board of trustees may accept and receive gifts of money, real estate, books or other property for library purposes. They may lease and occupy, purchase, or enact, on purchased or donated grounds, an appropriate building or buildings for library purposes. They shall have power to appoint a chief librarian, who shall possess such qualifications with respect to experience, ability, citizenship, clerical capacity, and residence as the board may require and who shall be subject to removal by the board. They shall adopt a system of competition or examination under which all appointments, except that of chief librarian, shall be made and under such system the chief librarian shall have power, by and with the consent of the board, to appoint all subordinate employees of the library, present rules for their conduct, and remove them from office. So far as possible, all appointments shall be made for ascertained fitness for the work, and removals shall be made for demonstrated unfitness and neither appointments nor removals shall be made because of the candidate’s race, color, political influence or religious belief. The trustees shall have the power to do all other acts and things necessary to the management, custody, and control of the library. (Ord. 150 § 5, 1914)

2.76.060 Report to city council.

The trustees shall at the close of each year on or before the last Monday in August, make an annual report to the city council stating the condition of their trust, the various sums of money received from the library fund and all other sources, how much money has been expended, the number of books and periodicals on hand, the number loaned out and the general character of such loans, the names of the officers elected for the ensuing term, and such other statistics, information and suggestions as they may deem of general interest, together with their estimate of the income necessary for the proper maintenance of the library for the ensuing year, such estimate shall contain an itemized statement of the contemplated expenditures for the ensuing year, showing the amount proposed to be expended for the salaries, the purchase of books, purchase of furnishings and equipment, expense incident to the maintenance and an estimate of the receipts for the ensuing year from sources other than direct taxation, and the amount or amounts necessary to be raised by taxation on the real and personal property of the city. Provided, that nothing in this chapter shall be construed as empowering the board of trustees to accept any indebtedness except as there is sufficient money in the library fund applicable to the payment thereof. (Ord. 150 § 6, 1914)

2.76.070 Library fund.

The city treasurer shall establish and keep in a separate account, a library fund to the credit of which he shall place all amounts collected by tax levy for that purpose, and shall pay out said fund only on vouchers of the board of trustees signed by the president and secretary (or by the vice-president and secretary) of the board of trustees of the Sedro Woolley library association. (Ord. 150 § 7, 1914)

2.76.090 Rules and regulations.

The library shall be forever free for the use of the inhabitants of the city, subject to such reasonable rules and regulations as the trustees may find necessary in order that the library shall be of the greatest benefit to the greatest number, and they may exclude from the use of the library any person who wilfully violates such rules. (Ord. 150 § 9, 1914)

2.76.100 Finances.

The treasurer shall receive and keep a record of all funds received by the board, except such as are received by taxation on real and personal property, and shall pay the same out only on orders signed by the president and secretary, and shall keep a record of the receipts and disbursements in such form as may be required by the board, and at the close of each year, and from time to time as may be required by the board, shall render to the board a full itemized account thereof. (Ord. 150 § 10, 1914)

2.76.110 Duties of secretary.

The secretary shall keep a complete record of the disbursements from all sources, and shall audit the accounts of the treasurer and prepare all financial reports required by the board. (Ord. 150 § 11, 1914)

2.76.120 Quarterly budget.

Of the amount voted by the city council annually for the maintenance of the library, one-fourth shall be available and subject to disbursement by order of the president and the secretary of the board of trustees, quarterly, commencing on the first Monday of January, April, July and October of each year. (Ord. 150 § 12, 1914)

2.76.130 City not liable for indebtedness.

The city shall not be liable for any indebtedness created by the board of trustees, or any officer thereof, of, for or on account of the library in any manner, except to the extent of the sum set aside annually by a vote of the city council to aid in the maintenance of the library, payable as provided in Section 2.76.120. (Ord. 150 § 13, 1914)