Article 1 — Powers of the County

Section 1.10 Home Rule Powers

The county shall have all possible powers that a home rule county may have under the Constitution and laws of the state of Washington.

Section 1.20 Powers Liberally Construed

The powers of the county under this charter shall be liberally construed in favor of the county. Grants of specific powers shall not be construed as a limit on the general powers of the county. Reference to the state Constitution and laws in this charter shall be construed as a continuing reference to them as they may be amended from time to time. This charter and the ordinances enacted hereunder shall supersede special and general laws of the state of Washington which are inconsistent with the charter and ordinances to the extent permitted by the state Constitution.

Section 1.30 Intergovernmental Relations

In the exercise of its powers or in the performance of its duties, whether or not specifically assigned by this charter to any officer, board, commission or agency, the county may by ordinance authorize participation in any function, project or activity with any one or more governments, governmental agencies, municipal corporations or private agencies or corporations in any manner permitted by law, and may share the responsibilities and costs of such function, project or activity.

Section 1.40 Name, Boundaries and County Seat

The name, boundaries and county seat of Snohomish county shall remain as they are on the effective date of this charter until changed as provided by law.