Title 2


2.01    Department of Planning and Development Services

2.02    Office of Hearings Administration

2.03    Boards and Commissions

2.04    Personnel Hearings Examiner

2.06    Agricultural Advisory Board

2.08    Planning Department and Planning Commission

2.09    Office of Public Defense

2.10    County Executive Officials

2.11    Office of the Public Advocate

2.12    District Court

2.13    Law and Justice Council

2.14    Superior Court Commissioner

2.15    Sheriff’s Corrections Bureau

2.16    Parks

2.17    Department of Facilities Management

2.18    Department of Parks and Recreation

2.19    Snohomish County Public Facilities District

2.20    Puget Sound Governmental Conference

2.22    Suggestion Box Committee

2.24    Joint Planning Council

2.28    Inter-County Rural Library Districts

2.32    Evergreen State Fair and Fairgrounds

2.33    Fairground Rules and Regulations

2.34    Repealed

2.36    Emergency Management

2.38    Security Management

2.40    Washington State Association of County Commissioners

2.44    Metropolitan Municipal Corporation

2.47    Snohomish County Voting Precincts

2.48    Council Meetings

2.49    Local Voters’ Pamphlet

2.50    Code of Ethics

2.51    Public Records Disclosure

2.51A    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Compliance

2.52    Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board

2.53    Repealed

2.56    Repealed

2.60    Probation Department

2.64    Housing Authority

2.68    Department of Public Works

2.74    Department of the Medical Examiner

2.76    Board of Equalization

2.80    Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Administrative Board

2.84    Snohomish County Washington State Ferry Tariff and Charge Advisory Committee

2.85    Snohomish County Transportation Benefit District

2.88    Transportation Authority

2.90    Risk Management and Insurance

2.94    Arts Council of Snohomish County, Inc.

2.95    Snohomish County Arts Commission

2.96    Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission

2.98    Therapeutic Alternatives to Prosecution Program and Fees

2.99    Public Corporation for Industrial Development

2.100    Department of Finance

2.105    Citizens’ Commission on Salaries of Elected Officials

2.110    County Finance Committee

2.200    Management and Program Development

2.350    Department of Information Technology

2.400    Department of Human Services

2.410    Snohomish County Children’s Commission

2.420    Snohomish County Community Services Advisory Council

2.430    Snohomish County Veterans’ Assistance Fund Executive Board

2.450    Snohomish County Council on Aging

2.460    Snohomish County Human Rights Commission

2.500    Repealed

2.550    Dispute Resolution Center

2.600    Department of Human Resources

2.650    Family Services

2.700    Office of County Performance Auditor

2.800    Marine Resources Advisory Committee

*Code reviser’s note: For community mental health program administrative board, see chapter 7.48 SCC.