Chapter 2.03


2.03.010    Purpose.

2.03.020    Scope.

2.03.030    Executive Recommendation.

2.03.040    Council Appointment.

2.03.050    Terms.

2.03.060    General Requirements.

2.03.070    Compensation.

2.03.080    Removal.

2.03.090    Ad Hoc or Advisory Committees.

2.03.100    Severability.

2.03.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes procedures and criteria for recommendation, appointment and service of members of Snohomish county boards and commissions. The provisions of this chapter shall be inapplicable in the event they are superseded by state law. If other county code provisions conflict with this chapter, this chapter’s provisions shall prevail.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.020 Scope.

This chapter shall apply to all boards and commissions which are created by state statute or county ordinance, whose members are recommended by the county executive and appointed by the county council. The term "board member" used herein shall refer collectively to any board or commission member.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.030 Executive Recommendation.

The following guidelines shall apply to all candidates for boards and commissions, whether new or to be reappointed:

(1) Documentation. The executive’s recommendation shall be accompanied by a form and cover letter which discuss the candidate’s qualifications. The executive may, and is encouraged to submit more than one name for each position.

(2) Timing. Within a reasonable time prior to the end of a term, the executive shall recommend a candidate(s) to the council. The existing board member shall continue to serve until his or her successor is appointed. If a board member resigns or otherwise vacates his or her position, the executive will recommend to the council a replacement within a reasonable time of notice of resignation. "Reasonable time" shall be defined as 30 days unless extenuating circumstances, described in writing by the executive and approved by the council, require additional time.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.040 Council Appointment.

The following guidelines shall apply to all council appointments of board members:

(1) Timing. Council shall act upon the executive’s recommendation(s) within 30 days of receipt. If the recommendation is rejected, the executive shall have a reasonable time to submit another name. If the second recommendation is rejected, or if the executive does not submit a recommendation within a reasonable time, the council may request another name from the executive or may appoint directly.

(2) Decision. The council shall give due deliberation to all recommended candidates and supporting documentation, and may conduct hearings on appointments. If a recommendation is denied, the denial shall be in writing and contain reasons for such denial.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.050 Terms.

Terms of all board members, except as otherwise required by statute, shall be limited to four years. A member shall serve a maximum of three consecutive terms on the same board. After a period of two years’ absence from the board, a person may again be appointed for up to three consecutive terms.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.060 General Requirements.

Except as otherwise specified by ordinance, candidates for appointment to county boards or commissions must meet the following requirements:

(1) Possess qualifications for the appointment sought, as shown by the candidate’s written documentation and any hearing testimony;

(2) If a reappointment, demonstrate the continuing benefits of retaining the board member as discussed in the executive’s recommendation, and a satisfactory attendance record, as determined by adopted criteria of the particular board;

(3) Reside or work in Snohomish county, or show evidence of special interest in Snohomish county, PROVIDED That a candidate may not be a county employee;

(4) Membership is limited to two board or commission positions at a time, PROVIDED That a member of a board or commission may simultaneously serve on one ad hoc or advisory committee, which service shall not be counted towards this limit.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982; Amended by Ord. 09-025, April 15, 2009, Eff date May 8, 2009; Amended by Ord. 17-064, Oct. 11, 2017, Eff date Oct. 27, 2017).

2.03.070 Compensation.

Board members shall be compensated according to state laws. If statutory compensation is not set, members shall be reimbursed for mileage to and from meetings, and for other expenses as approved by the applicable department head as limited by budgetary constraints.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.080 Removal.

Members of boards or commissions may be removed subject to rules promulgated by the particular body. In addition, members may be removed by the county council for misfeasance.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.090 Ad Hoc or Advisory Committees.

Special purpose bodies known as ad hoc or advisory committees are subject to the following:

(1) Purpose and length. At the time of their creation, ad hoc or advisory committees shall be charged by the executive and/or council with a written mandate including specific purpose(s) and desired product(s). In addition, timing provisions including an automatic date of disbanding, shall be set by the creating authority. Such dates may be altered by council resolution.

(2) Yearly review. Coincident with the budget proposal the executive shall submit to the council each year a summary of the activities of all ad hoc or advisory committees, together with an analysis and recommendations on their future operation.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).

2.03.100 Severability.

If any provision of this chapter is held invalid, the remainder of the chapter or the application of the provisions to any other persons or circumstances is not affected.

(Ord. 82-037 § 1, adopted June 9, 1982).