Chapter 2.110


2.110.010    Establishment and authority.

2.110.020    Definition.

2.110.030    Composition of committee.

2.110.040    Meetings and records.

2.110.010 Establishment and authority.

There is established a county finance committee. The committee shall approve county investment policy and make appropriate rules and regulations for carrying out RCW 36.48.010 through 36.48.060 in accordance with RCW 36.48.070.

(Ord. 96-049 § 1 (part), July 10, 1996, Eff date July 22, 1996).

2.110.020 Definition.

In this chapter, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, "committee" means the county finance committee established under SCC 2.110.010.

(Ord. 96-049 § 1 (part), July 10, 1996, Eff date July 22, 1996).

2.110.030 Composition of committee.

The committee shall consist of the county treasurer or his designee, the county executive or his designee, and the chairperson of the county council or his designee. The County Treasurer, the County Executive and the County Council Chair will all sign the minutes of meetings in which changes in investment policies or procedures were approved.

(Ord. 96-049 § 1 (part), July 10, 1996, Eff date July 22, 1996; Ord. 05-130, Nov. 21, 2005, Eff date Dec. 18, 2005).

2.110.040 Meetings and records.

(1) The committee shall meet at least semiannually. The county treasurer shall act as chairperson of the committee and the county executive shall act as secretary of the committee. The committee shall adopt rules of procedure, except that a quorum shall consist of all three members of the committee and action by the committee shall require a majority vote of at least two members of the committee.

(2) The committee shall keep a full and complete record of its proceedings in appropriate books of record and all such records and all correspondence relating to the committee shall be kept in the office of the county executive and shall be open to public inspection.

(3) On or before December 31st of each year the committee shall provide the county council with a written report of its activities during that year. The report shall include a narrative description of actions taken by the committee, copies of the minutes of each committee meeting, and copies of all investment policies in effect or approved by the committee during the year.

(Ord. 96-049 § 1 (part), July 10, 1996, Eff date July 22, 1996).