Chapter 2.22


2.22.010    Suggestion box committee.

2.22.020    Suggestions by employees.

2.22.030    Duties of committee.

2.22.040    Award.

2.22.050    Fund -- Payment of awards.

2.22.010 Suggestion box committee.

There shall be a suggestion box committee which is referred to in this chapter as the committee, composed of a member of the county council or its designee, a member of the county executive’s office, and a county employee to be selected by other county employees. Each county department will select a nominee to be voted on by other county employees. The election of the county employee to serve on the committee shall be conducted by the interim committee, which shall be composed of the county council member or its designee and the member of the county executive’s office. A committee member shall serve for one year or until his successor is selected. The committee shall designate one member as chairperson.

(Added Ord. 81-096, Oct. 2, 1981; Amended Ord. 85-099, § 1, Oct. 9, 1985).

2.22.020 Suggestions by employees.

Employees may submit suggestions for the improvement of county government, such suggestions to be deposited in a suggestion box located in the basement lobby of the administration building. Such suggestions shall be in form approved by the committee and the executive. Any such form shall provide that the submitting employee waives any and all rights with respect to any proprietary interests and rights in such claim and any and all claims against the county in connection with the use or failure to use such suggestion, and consents to the county’s making such use of the suggestion as it may deem appropriate.

(Ord. 81-096, adopted October 2, 1981).

2.22.030 Duties of committee.

(1) The committee shall meet at least once a month to review suggestions. The committee may select from suggestions deposited in the suggestion box the previous month suggestions which, in the committee’s opinion, would be of such significant benefit to the county as to warrant an award. The committee may present any suggestion to any other county official or department for review and comment. All determinations of the committee shall be final. The committee shall have the right to destroy or discard frivolous, obscene, libelous or abusive material. All remaining suggestions shall be filed for one year and discarded. Summaries of suggestions filed which the committee feels may have merit, whether the basis of an award or not, shall be mailed to all elected officials and department heads. The county shall have the right to make such use of any suggestions as it deems appropriate.

(2) The following factors shall be considered in determining eligibility of a suggestion for an award:

(a) Does the suggestion provide an extension or improvement in public service at reasonable or reduced cost to the county?

(b) Does it eliminate or reduce county expenditures without substantially impairing service?

(c) Does it provide for increased safety or diminished risk to the county or its employees?

(Ord. 81-096, adopted October 2, 1981).

2.22.040 Award.

(1) No elected official or department head shall be eligible for an award. Employees shall not be eligible for an award for suggestions pertaining to subjects assigned for research or development or to any problems assigned for solution or which such employee would normally offer in the line of duty. The suggestion must propose a change which was not under consideration by the affected county agency at the time the suggestion was made. Determinations of eligibility made by the committee shall be final.

(2) Any employee whose suggestion, in the opinion of the committee, warrants an award, shall receive an amount not exceeding $100.00.

(Added Ord. 81-096, Oct. 2, 1981; amended Ord. 83-089, § 1, Aug. 1, 1983).

2.22.050 Fund -- Payment of awards.

Any award made shall be paid from a special account or fund. The account or fund shall be replenished by appropriations, from time to time, from county funds in the proportion that awards made to employees of a particular fund bear to the total awards paid.

(Ord. 81-096, adopted October 2, 1981).