Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    District established.

2.28.020    Trustees.

2.28.010 District established.

Pursuant to the Session Laws of the State of Washington, Chapter 75, Laws of 1947, as amended by Chapter 162, Laws of 1961, set forth in chapter 27.12 RCW, that there be and is hereby established an inter-county rural library district which shall include all the area outside the incorporated cities and towns of Island and Snohomish counties.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).

2.28.020 Trustees.

The inter-county rural library district shall initially have a board of seven trustees, two of the trustees to be appointed from Island County and five of the trustees to be appointed from Snohomish county. It is recommended by the boards of county commissioners that the proportion of representation from each county on the inter-county rural library board of trustees be maintained the same in the future, unless there is a major shift in the proportionate population and financial contribution of the taxpayers of Island county and Snohomish county.

(Res. adopted December 17, 1962).