Chapter 2.410


2.410.010    Children’s commission created.

2.410.020    Powers and duties of commission.

2.410.030    Appointment to the children’s commission.

2.410.040    Commissioners’ terms.

2.410.050    Vacancies.

2.410.060    Organization of children’s commission.

2.410.010 Children’s commission created.

The county council does hereby create a children’s commission consisting of 25 members which shall serve as advisors on issues of health, safety, and social services for infants, young children and youth in the community. The commission shall advise the executive and department of human services on all matters related to the administration and enhancement of children’s programs.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1985; Amended Ord. 86-074, § 1, July 30, 1986).

2.410.020 Powers and duties of commission.

The children’s commission shall have the following powers and duties:

(1) Conduct public hearings to determine the needs and priorities of children ages 0-18 in Snohomish county as related to health, mental health, safety, and social services.

(2) Hold community forums for the surfacing of issues affecting children’s well-being and service delivery needs.

(3) Report within a year and at regular intervals thereafter on the status of children’s service needs and resources in Snohomish county; making its findings a written document on which advice and recommendations for future action and planning shall be based.

(4) Advise county government on matters relating to the priorities, objectives, and tasks to be performed affecting infants, young children and youth.

(5) Act as a resource center providing technical assistance to community based organizations dealing with children’s issues, assist in the development of grants affecting infants, young children, and youth, and provide input to local, state and federal agencies on these issues.

(6) Act in an advocate role to public and private sector for the interest of children of Snohomish county.

(7) Such other duties as may be assigned.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1985).

2.410.030 Appointment to the children’s commission.

The commission shall be composed of no more than 25 members, at least two of whom shall upon appointment be youth under the age of 18. Appointments shall be made by geographical distribution with 10 at-large members from anywhere within the county, and three representing each council district. Appointments shall be made pursuant to chapter 2.03 SCC. The members shall represent one or more of the following areas:

(1) Health and human services;

(2) Education;

(3) Business and labor;

(4) Law and justice;

(5) Concerned citizens;

(6) State department of social and health services and/or the United States department of health and human services;

(7) Youth;

(8) Elected officials;

(9) Minorities.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1986; Amended Ord. 86-074, § 2, July 30, 1986; Amended Ord. 89-055, § 1, June 28, 1989).

2.410.040 Commissioners’ terms.

The terms of office for members of the children’s commission shall be for four years with the exception of youth appointments which shall be for terms of one year. A member may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms on the same commission. After a period of two years’ absence from the commission, a person may again be appointed for up to three consecutive terms.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1985; Amended Ord. 89-055, § 2, June 28, 1989).

2.410.050 Vacancies.

Vacancies resulting from the expiration of terms of office shall be filled by appointments for a term of four years. Vacancies occurring for any reason other than the expiration of a term of office shall be by appointment for the unexpired term of the office being filled.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1985).

2.410.060 Organization of children’s commission.

At its first meeting, the commission shall organize by electing a chairperson and vice chairperson to serve for a period of one year. Staff shall be assigned by the county executive from county government. The county council may have an ex officio member to be named by them.

(Added Ord. 85-060, § 1, July 10, 1985).