Chapter 2.450


2.450.010    Purpose.

2.450.020    Duties and functions.

2.450.030    Membership and qualifications.

2.450.040    Terms and compensation.

2.450.900    Severability.

2.450.010 Purpose.

The Snohomish county council on aging as established under the Older Americans Act of 1965 is hereby recognized as having authority to advise the executive, department of human services and the division of aging on all matters related to the administration of aging programs.

(Added Ord. 84-156, § 1, Jan. 2, 1985).

2.450.020 Duties and functions.

The Snohomish county council on aging shall have the following duties and functions:

(1) Conduct public hearings and other investigations to determine the needs and priorities of county senior citizens;

(2) Review and recommend plans, policies, budgets, and funding applications;

(3) Evaluate the performance of the county aging programs at least annually;

(4) Advise the department of human services on matters relating to the priorities, objectives and tasks to be performed by the department;

(5) Submit to the county executive names of nominees for appointment to the council on aging; and

(6) Such other duties as may be assigned.

(Added Ord. 84-156, § 1, Jan. 2, 1985).

2.450.030 Membership and qualifications.

The board shall be composed of no more than 30 members. The membership shall include representatives of senior citizen organizations, local elected officials, and members of the general public; PROVIDED, That at least 51 percent of the members shall be 60 years or older. Members of the board shall be recommended and appointed according to the provisions of chapter 2.03 SCC.

(Added Ord. 84-156, § 1, Jan. 2, 1985).

2.450.040 Terms and compensation.

Members of the board shall serve three year terms. They shall not be compensated for the performance of their duties, but may be reimbursed in accordance with chapter 2.03 SCC.

(Added Ord. 84-156, § 1, Jan. 2, 1985).

2.450.900 Severability.

If any provision of this chapter is held invalid, the remainder of the chapter shall not be affected.

(Added Ord. 84-156, § 1, Jan. 2, 1985).