Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    Alcoholism and drug abuse administrative board created.

2.80.020    Duties.

2.80.030    Membership and qualifications.

2.80.040    Terms.

2.80.050    Compensation.

2.80.060    Severability.

2.80.070    Vacancies.

2.80.010 Alcoholism and drug abuse administrative board created.

There is hereby created in Snohomish county an alcoholism and drug abuse administrative board established to advise and make recommendations to the county executive through the Snohomish county department of human services on all matters relating to the development and funding of prevention, early intervention and treatment activities in the areas of alcoholism and drug abuse.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.020 Duties.

(1) Conduct public hearings and other investigations to determine the needs and priorities for alcoholism and drug abuse services to the citizens of Snohomish county.

(2) Review, approve and forward to county council plans, policies, budgets and applications for funding to the department of social and health services for alcoholism and substance abuse prevention and treatment.

(3) Review annual performance evaluations of programs under contract as prepared by human services department staff during onsite visits, from monitoring data from agencies and the state management information systems.

(4) Approve the human services departments recommendations for the expenditure of such moneys as the county and cities shall designate as required by RCW 70.96.096 for the purpose of supporting alcoholism services.

(5) Advise the county executive and the county council through the human services department on allocations of alcohol and drug abuse grant resources.

(6) Nominate individuals to the county legislative authority for the position of coordinator of the alcohol and drug abuse program.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.030 Membership and qualifications.

The alcoholism and drug abuse board shall consist of 15 members. Such members shall include two community representatives from each county council district. The executive and department of human services shall be encouraged to recruit board members from the law enforcement, medical and educational professions. Members of the board shall be representative of the community and shall include two recovered alcoholics, two substance abusers in the recovery stage, and a minority representative. Members of the board shall include, where possible, former clients of alcohol and/or substance abuse and treatment programs and relatives of clients. No more than four elected or appointed county or city officials may serve on the board at any one time. Employees or board members of agencies, other than school districts and law enforcement agencies, receiving funding for alcohol and drug abuse services are ineligible to serve on the alcoholism and drug abuse board. Employees or board members of a school district or law enforcement agency receiving funding for alcohol and drug abuse services may serve on the board, but must remove themselves from participation in matters concerning funding of that school district or law enforcement agency.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.040 Terms.

Alcoholism and drug abuse board members shall serve three year terms and until their successors are appointed and qualified, not to exceed three consecutive terms. Initially five members will be appointed to one year terms, five to two year terms and five to three year terms so that an equal number of vacancies occur each year.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.050 Compensation.

No compensation shall be paid to said members, however mileage in the amount prescribed by Snohomish county as now or hereafter amended may be paid for expenses incurred as a result of participation in official meetings of the board. Board members may also be reimbursed for expenses incurred for attendance at meetings or seminars relative to alcoholism and/or drug abuse provided such expenditures are approved by the board and funds exist for such reimbursement.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.060 Severability.

If any section, sentence or phrase of this chapter is for any reason held to be invalid, then the parts thereof not declared to be invalid shall remain in full force and effect.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).

2.80.070 Vacancies.

Any vacancy, whether caused by death, removal or resignation, shall be filled with someone possessing the required qualifications of the vacating member. Any such appointment shall be for the remainder of the vacating member’s term. Three or more unexcused absences within a 12-month period shall be considered grounds for removal from the board by a simple vote of the majority. The board may recommend nominees to the county to fill any vacancies that occur.

(Added Ord. 87-061, § 2, July 29, 1987).