Chapter 3.01


3.01.010    Surety bond required.

3.01.020    Form.

3.01.030    Approval and filing.

3.01.040    Emergency.

3.01.010 Surety bond required.

Public official and employee bond issued by a surety company shall be required and provided as follows:

County executive $50,000

Each council member 25,000

Assessor 1,000

Auditor 10,000

Clerk 250,000

Prosecutor 5,000

Sheriff 5,000

Treasurer 250,000

Each judge, district court 20,000

Medical examiner 5,000

In lieu thereof there may be provided for each such officer or employee a blanket public official’s and employee’s bond assuring coverage at an amount not less than stated above. Faithful performance blanket position bond shall be required and provided for all other county officials and employees in the sum of $100,000. The cost of any such bond shall be borne by the county.

(Ord. 80-013, adopted June 2, 1980; Amended Ord. 86-082, August 27, 1986; Amended Ord. 89-008, § 1, Mar. 1, 1989).

3.01.020 Form.

Any county official or employee’s bond shall be to Snohomish county and shall, in effect, be conditioned that the principal and surety shall be jointly and severally liable for the full and faithful performance of the duties and responsibilities of the principal. Any current surety bond covering any officer or employee shall be deemed adequate until its expiration.

(Ord. 80-013, adopted June 2, 1980).

3.01.030 Approval and filing.

Any county official or employee bond shall be approved as to form and execution by the county executive and the prosecuting attorney, approved by the county council, and then filed with the county auditor. (Ord. 80-013, adopted June 2, 1980).

(Ord. 80-013, adopted June 2, 1980).

3.01.040 Emergency.

The county council finds as a fact and states that an emergency exists and that this chapter is necessary in order to provide immediate protection to the property and funds of the county.

(Ord. 80-013, adopted June 2, 1980).