Chapter 3.48


3.48.010    Work for other public agencies.

3.48.020    Policy for handling complaints.

3.48.010 Work for other public agencies.

In accordance with the county road administration board’s "standards of good practice", WAC 136-10-050(4), the following policy of procedure be adopted:


(1) The board will accept requests for work to be performed for other Snohomish county departments and/or other public agencies.

(2) All procedures to be followed in complying with such requests shall be in accordance with the appropriate governing statutes of the state of Washington, and Chapter 32 of county road administration board standards of good practice.

(3) The board shall be the sole authority to approve or disapprove all applications for such work, following receipt of the recommendations and comments of the county road engineer.

(4) Upon written approval of the board, the county road engineer shall be authorized to make such arrangements as are necessary to complete the work requested.

(Res. adopted September 21, 1970).

3.48.020 Policy for handling complaints.

The following policy, as prescribed in WAC 136-10-050(3) of the "standards of good practice" of the county road administration board, be adopted for handling complaints related to any road department activity:

(a) Public complaints that require policy-making decisions shall be referred to act upon by the board of county commissioners;

(b) Public complaints dealing with normal routine problems shall be processed by the county engineer through his office and road district staffs;

(c) Complaints received shall be recorded upon the forms provided, and referred to the appropriate staff member or supervisor for investigation and action where possible;

(d) Findings of the investigation, and/or action taken shall be recorded in the space provided on the above-mentioned form and submitted to the county engineer. In cases where a complaint can be handled on the spot by personnel in the field this should be done, and the nature of the complaint and action taken reported to the county engineer;

(e) Any citizen making a complaint, reporting a road deficiency, or raising a question regarding conditions or procedures shall be treated courteously and given the best explanation available. If an employee cannot take immediate action, he should freely admit his inability to do so and refer the matter to higher authority.

No complaint or report of road conditions or deficiencies shall be ignored, and the person making said complaint or report is entitled to know what action is taken. Promptness and fairness in handling all complaints is essential, and is the responsibility of every road department employee.

Copies of this policy, as herein set forth, shall be prominently posted in the office of the county engineer and all road department shops, so as to be readily available to all employees and to the general public.

(Res. adopted September 21, 1970).