Chapter 3.64


3.64.010    Designated.

3.64.020    Comprehensive employment and training act participant information form.

3.64.010 Designated.

If a CETA participant has an employment- related complaint, he/she should first attempt to resolve the complaint informally. If this does not settle the matter, the CETA participant should follow the steps outlined below:

Step I. The CETA participant shall verbally present his/her complaint to his/her immediate supervisor within three working days of the occurrence of the issue, and the supervisor will respond verbally within three working days.

Step II. If the CETA participant is dissatisfied with the supervisor’s response, the CETA participant shall, within five days of the supervisor’s response, submit a written request for a hearing with the department head.

(a) The request must include:

(i) A clear and complete statement of your complaint.

(ii) A statement of the action or remedy which you are seeking.

(b) The department head in consultation with the personnel director will review the complaint and the CETA participant will receive written notification of the time for an informal hearing with the department head. Such hearing should be scheduled as soon as practicable.

(c) The CETA participant will be notified in writing within five working days following the hearing of the department head’s final decision. The decision will take effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the written notification.

Step III. If the CETA participant wishes to appeal this decision, he/she may appeal it to the King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium by sending a written complaint to:

King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium

Attention: Affirmative Action Officer

Room 1811, Smith Tower Building

Seattle, Washington 98104

Step IV. If the CETA participant wishes to appeal the decision of the King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium, the CETA participant will have 30 days to file a formal allegation with the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. Procedures for filing a formal allegation will be provided to the participant along with the written decision from the consortium.

Note I. The CETA participant shall be notified in writing of any adverse action and the reason therefor. Adverse action as used herein refers to suspension, written reprimand, or termination for disciplinary reasons, or other similar disciplinary action taken against an individual participant.

Note II. If the above prescribed procedures and time frames are not followed in sequence, the consortium may decline to review any decision which the agency has made in the CETA participant’s regard.

The CETA participant cannot be penalized for taking any of the actions outlined above in an effort to resolve a complaint. Moreover, these procedures do not in any way infringe upon his/her right to file a complaint with any appropriate federal, state or local civil rights agency.

(Part of Res. adopted March 20, 1978).

3.64.020 Comprehensive employment and training act participant information form.

The comprehensive employment and training act participant information form reads as follows:

I understand that this position is funded under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, and although my salary is paid by the Federal government, I am considered an employee of .

I understand that I am not assured of a job once the program is over. I understand that I am to be treated like other employees of this agency, and that I will receive no more nor no less benefits than those received by regular employees. I understand that this agency will make an effort to secure my employment upon the termination of the program or at such time as an opportunity suitable to my skills becomes available.

Said good faith effort may not in any way be construed as an assurance that this agency will employ me upon the termination of this program. I hereby certify that I have received a copy of the above agency’s CETA Issue Resolution Procedure for Public Service Employment.

(Signature of Participant)




(Typed Name of Participant)



Distribution: Original to participant Copy of signed information form to file

(Part of Res. adopted March 20, 1978).