Chapter 3.66


3.66.010    Department heads - Power to pursue.

3.66.020    Department heads - Delegation of authority.

3.66.030    Records.

3.66.050    Risk management - Responsibility.

3.66.060    Appeals - Transmittal to prosecutor.

3.66.010 Department heads - Power to pursue.

The heads of all county departments shall have the authority to pursue and collect all monetary claims owed to the county which total $500.00 or less in small claims court.

(Res. 79-245, adopted August 27, 1979).

3.66.020 Department heads - Delegation of authority.

All county department heads shall further have the authority to delegate this authority to county employees under their supervision who, in the opinion of the department head, possess the experience and skill to adequately pursue and collect said claims.

(Res. 79-245, adopted August 27, 1979).

3.66.030 Records.

All department heads shall be responsible for maintaining records of the claim and the small claims court action for its collection. These records shall include detailed information as to the nature and amount of the claim, the department head responsible for its collection, the individual who appears in court on behalf of the county, and the disposition of the action.

(Res. 79-245, adopted August 27, 1979).

3.66.050 Risk management - Responsibility.

The office of risk management shall be responsible for collection of claims by the county in small claims court not exceeding $500.00 which arise from injury to a county employee or damage to county property.

(Res. 79-245, adopted August 27, 1979).

3.66.060 Appeals - Transmittal to prosecutor.

In the event that the defending party appeals the judgment of the small claims court to superior court pursuant to RCW 12.36.020, the department head shall transmit all pertinent records and information to the prosecutor’s office within three days of receiving the notice of appeal.

(Res. 79-245, adopted August 27, 1979).