Title 3A


3A.01    Purpose, Adoption and Amendment of Rules

3A.02    Definition of Terms

3A.03    Organization for Human Resources Management

3A.04    Classification

3A.05    Pay Administration

3A.06    Employee Benefits

3A.07    Recruitment and Examination

3A.08    Appointment

3A.09    Probationary and Trial Periods

3A.10    Separation - Layoff - Recall - Reinstatement

3A.11    Grievance Procedure

3A.12    Employee Relations

3A.13    Exemptions

3A.14    Collective Bargaining

3A.15    Records and Permits

3A.16    Hours of Work

*Code reviser’s note: Title 3A was repealed and replaced by Ordinance 84-129, effective of December 1, 1984.