Chapter 3A.01


3A.01.010    Purpose.

3A.01.020    Positions covered by the rules.

3A.01.030    Amendment of rules.

3A.01.040    Employer rights.

3A.01.900    Severability.

3A.01.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of these personnel rules to provide basic statements of personnel policy which shall be applied to employees in the classified service. They are published to inform employees, supervisors, and administrators of their rights and responsibilities under these rules, and to define the basis on which elected and appointed officials, including the human resources director shall administer this system of personnel management.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Ord. 04-141, Jan. 19, 2005, Eff date Jan. 31, 2005).

3A.01.020 Positions covered by the rules.

The rules shall apply to all positions of employment except those exempted under the provisions of chapters 3A.13 and chapter 3.68 and subject to limitations imposed by chapter 3A.14 SCC.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).

3A.01.030 Amendment of rules.

It shall be the duty of the human resources director to review with department heads and elected officials any proposed modifications of these rules. Such proposed modifications shall become effective upon adoption by ordinance by the council.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Ord. 04-141, Jan. 19, 2005, Eff date Jan. 31, 2005).

3A.01.040 Employer rights.

The county reserves any legal rights with respect to matters of general legislative or managerial policy, which include but are not limited to the exclusive right to determine the mission of its constituent departments and commissions; select standards for employment and promotion; direct its employees; take disciplinary action; relieve its employees from duty because of lack of work or for other legitimate reasons; maintain the efficiency of governmental operations; determine the methods, means and personnel by which government operations are to be conducted; take all necessary actions to carry out its mission in emergencies; and exercise complete control and discretion over its organization and the technology of performing its work.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).

3A.01.900 Severability.

If any provision of this title or its application to any person or circumstances are held invalid, the remainder of the title or the application of the provisions to other persons or circumstances is not affected.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).