Chapter 3A.09


3A.09.010    Purpose.

3A.09.020    Duration.

3A.09.030    Removal during probationary period.

3A.09.040    Trial service reversion.

3A.09.010 Purpose.

Probationary and trial service periods are working test periods and shall be an integral part of the examination process and shall be utilized as an opportunity to observe an employee’s work, to train and aid the employee in adjustment to his/her position, and to reject any employee whose work performance fails to meet required work standards.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).

3A.09.020 Duration.

All initial and all promotional regular appointments shall be tentative and subject to a probationary or trial service period which starts upon the effective date of an appointment.

The probationary period for initial appointment to the classified service shall be 12 months in duration.

A probationary period following a transfer, demotion, or reinstatement, unless required otherwise by Chapter 3A.10, shall be six months in duration. A trial service period following promotion or reclassification shall also be six months in duration.

In the event an employee is on leave for more than 10 consecutive work days during a probationary or trial service period, the completion date shall be extended by an amount of time equal to the period of leave.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Amended Ord. 96-012, § 1, May 1, 1996, Eff date May 16, 1996).

3A.09.030 Removal during probationary period.

At any time during the probationary period the employing official may remove an employee who does not meet the required standards for the position: PROVIDED, That he/she shall report the removal and the reasons therefor in writing before the effective date of separation, to the director and to the employee concerned. Notice of 10 working days will normally be given an employee who is removed. An employee dismissed during the probationary period may not resort to the grievance procedure. This section is not intended to confer any rights in employment upon probationary employees. Probationary employees may be terminated at will during the probationary period for any or no cause.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Amended Ord. 96-012, § 2, May 1, 1996, Eff date May 16, 1996).

3A.09.040 Trial service reversion.

A trial service employee who is removed from the new position for reasons other than misconduct and who was a regular employee in another position in the classified staff service immediately prior to his/her new appointment, shall be reinstated in his/her former position or in one of like status and pay. Where reinstatement through reversion is not possible because of the elimination of the previously held position or the unavailability of a position of like status and pay, the director shall declare a layoff under SCC 3A.10.020. Trial service reversion shall be conducted by the director upon recommendation of the employing official.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).