Chapter 3A.13


3A.13.010    Exemptions - County charter.

3A.13.020    Employee rights upon termination of exempt employment.

3A.13.040    Compensation plan for certain sheriff’s department employees.

3A.13.010 Exemptions - County charter.

The following positions and employees are exempt from coverage under these rules in accordance with Section 7.20 of the county charter:

(1) All county elected officials; except that district court judges pursuant to RCW 3.34.100 shall accrue and use sick leave as provided in SCC 3A.06.040(1), (2) and (8) only. No other provisions of this title shall apply to district court judges;

(2) Four employees in the county executive’s office as designated by the county executive;

(3) Not more than two employees in each other elected official’s office as designated by each elected official;

(4) The head of each executive and administrative department as designated by ordinance;

(5) The members of all boards and commissions appointed by the county council or county executive;

(6) Those employees in the prosecuting attorney’s and sheriff’s offices to the extent that the provisions of this chapter have been preempted by state law;

(7) All persons employed on an independent contractual basis;

(8) Such other employees as may be designated as exempt by ordinance;

(9) All persons exempt under the provisions of any applicable state law, including court personnel to the extent governed by Human Resource rules or guidelines adopted by the court pursuant to Rules of General Application (GR) 29; and

(10) All persons employed in a temporary appointment.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984; Amended Ord. 85-116, § 2, December 11, 1985; Amended Ord. 89-050, § 1, June 28, 1989; Ord. 07-091, Oct. 10, 2007, Eff date Oct. 25, 2007; Amended by Ord. 13-070, Oct. 9, 2013, Eff date Oct. 20, 2013)

3A.13.020 Employee rights upon termination of exempt employment.

Any employee who held regular status in the county personnel system prior to his/her appointment to an exempt position may, upon termination of such exempt appointment, be eligible to return to the same or like position in the class in which regular standing was held in accordance with the provisions of chapter 3.68 SCC. Where return of the exempt employee to the classified service will displace another employee, a layoff shall be declared in accordance with these rules.

(Added Ord. 84-129, § 2, Nov. 21, 1984).

3A.13.040 Compensation plan for certain sheriff’s department employees.

(1) Other provisions of this chapter notwithstanding, the following positions/employees within the Snohomish County sheriff’s department shall not be exempted from the personnel rules of the county which relate to salary, wages and benefits, in particular, chapters 3A.05 and 3A.06 SCC:

(a) Administrative coordinator;

(b) Director of community partnerships;

(c) Evidence control supervisor;

(d) Fiscal resource analyst;

(e) Staff services manager;

(f) Technical services supervisor.

(2) Where any provision of this section conflicts with the provisions of chapter 41.14 RCW, civil service for sheriff’s office, or other state law, such state law shall control.

(Added Ord. 85-116, § 1, December 11, 1985; Amended by Ord. 13-070, Oct. 9, 2013, Eff date Oct. 20, 2013).