Title 4


4.02    Internal Audits

4.03    County Credit Card

4.04    Interest Rates on Warrants

4.05    Creation and Termination of Funds

4.06    Jury Fees

4.06A    County Bonds and Obligations

4.07    General Fund

4.08    Assessments

4.09    County Road Fund

4.10    Collections

4.11    Accounting, Reporting and Collection of Accounts Receivable

4.12    Real Estate Excise Tax

4.13    Real Estate Excise Tax Cumulative Reserve Account

4.14    Conservation Futures Property Tax Fund

4.15    Road Improvement District 31 Fund

4.16    Repealed

4.18    Property Tax Exemption for New Construction of Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities

4.20    Repealed

4.21    Self-Insurance Fund

4.22    Self-Insurance Claim Revolving Fund

4.23    County Admissions Tax

4.24    Sales, Use Tax

4.25    Sales and Use Tax for Chemical Dependency and Mental Health Programs and Services

4.26    Budget Procedures

4.27    Capital Projects Funds

4.28    Open Space, Agricultural and Timberland Policies and Procedures

4.29    Excise Tax on Timber Harvesting

4.31    Special Valuation for Qualifying Historic Properties

4.32    For Recording and Copying Records of Land Surveys and Monuments, and Copying Records of Plats, Short Plats, Condominiums and Binding Site Plans

4.33    Security Services Fund

4.34    Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund

4.35    Facility Services Fund

4.36    Workman’s Compensation Claim Revolving Fund

4.37    Countywide Training and Development Fund

4.38    Industrial Insurance Cumulative Reserve Fund

4.39    Pits and Quarries Fund

4.40    Lodging Tax

4.41    Lodging Tax for Promoting Regional Tourism

4.42    Employee Benefit Plan and Fund

4.43    Juvenile Court Nonrefundable Bail Fee

4.44    Fee for Filing Request for a Trial De Novo of an Arbitration Award

4.45    Superior Court Registry Disbursement Fee

4.46    Procedures for Management and Disposition of County-Owned Personal and Real Property

4.47    Fees for Processing Ex-Parte Court Orders

4.48    Family Court Fund

4.49    Assessment and Collection of Costs for Processing Certain Child Support Payments

4.50    Gambling Tax

4.51    DWI Victim Panel Fund

4.52    Fire Insurance Cumulative Reserve Account and Claims Procedures

4.52A    Special Detention Fees

4.52B    Jail Booking Fee

4.53    Work Release, Home Detention and Community Service

4.54    Crime Victim/Witness Fund

4.54A    Jail Reserve Fund

4.55    Antiprofiteering Revolving Fund

4.56    Search and Rescue Helicopter(s) Donation Fund

4.57    Arson Education and Equipment Fund

4.58    1989 Facility Construction Fund

4.59    Reserve for County Operations Account

4.60    Cumulative Reserve Fund for Equipment and Capital Purchases

4.61    Corrections Commissary Fund

4.62    Extraordinary Projects Fund

4.63    SCC 26B/MRIP Fund

4.64    Capital Purchases and Extraordinary Capital Projects Fund

4.65    Cumulative Reserve Fund for Information Technology Projects

4.66    Data Processing Capital Improvement Fund

4.67    Affordable Housing Trust Fund

4.68    Housing Trust Fund

4.69    Repealed

4.70    Limited Tax General Obligation Debt Service Fund

4.71    Auditor’s Centennial Document Preservation and Modernization Fund

4.72    Auditor’s Operations and Maintenance Fund

4.73    Elections Equipment Cumulative Reserve Fund

4.74    Public Works Facility Construction Fund

4.75    Human Services Programs Fund

4.77    Health District Building Fund

4.78    Enhanced Emergency Services Communication System

4.80    Snohomish County Tomorrow Cumulative Reserve Fund

4.81    Repealed

4.82    Transportation Mitigation Fund

4.83    Boating Safety Fund

4.84    Community Development Fund

4.85    Parks Mitigation Fund

4.86    Cumulative Reserve Fund for Evergreen State Fair Sponsorships and Donations

4.87    Reserve Fund for Evergreen State Fairgrounds Capital Improvements

4.88    Road Improvement District No. 30 Fund

4.89    Repealed

4.90    Courthouse Facilitator Program Surcharge and User Fees

4.90A    Repealed

4.91    Repealed

4.93    Repealed

4.94    Repealed

4.95    Blanche Miller Juvenille Court Fund

4.96    Animal Benefit Bequest Fund

4.97    Parks Donations Fund

4.98    Mandatory Arbitration Fee

4.99    Transfer of Development Rights Fund

4.100    Superior Court Donations Fund

4.101    Special Revenue Fund

4.102    Convention and Performing Arts Fund

4.103    Grants Control Fund

4.104    Tax Refund Fund

4.105    US Department of HUD Grants Fund

4.106    Road Improvement District 13 Fund

4.107    Road Improvement District 11A Fund

4.108    Road Improvement District 24A Fund

4.109    Parks Construction Fund

4.110    Facility Improvement Fund

4.111    Solid Waste Management Fund

4.112    Airport Operations and Maintenance Fund

4.113    Surface Water Management Fund

4.114    Information Services Fund

4.115    Snohomish County Investment Trust Fund

4.116    General Fund Revenue Stabilization Fund

4.117    Snohomish County Public Works Assistance Fund

4.118    Snohomish County Tourism Promotion Area

4.119    Electronic Access to Superior Court Records

4.120    Guardianship Courthouse Facilitator Surcharge

4.121    Nuisance Property Abatement Fund