Chapter 4.03


4.03.010    Credit card policy

4.03.020    Policies and procedures

4.03.010 Credit card policy

The director of the department of finance shall implement the following system for the authorization, distribution, control, implementation and administration of credit cards by county officers and employees:

(1) Credit cards may be distributed to those county officers and employees who, in the opinion of the director, have job responsibilities that would benefit from, or otherwise be facilitated by, the use of a credit card;

(2) Credit cards may not be used for personal purposes or for cash advances unless unusual circumstances require the use of the credit card and advance approval is obtained from the department head;

(3) Credit cards may be required to be immediately surrendered if used in a manner inconsistent with county code or county policies or procedures;

(4) The director of finance shall develop and implement guidelines and accounting controls to ensure the proper usage of credit cards and credit card funds including compliance with the County’s current purchasing policies and procedures;

(5) The director of finance shall set credit limits on each credit card issued, based upon evidence of need as demonstrated by the requesting department; and

(6) The director of finance shall establish and implement a written procedure for the payment of all credit card bills.

(Added Amended Ord. 05-017, May 11, 2005, Eff date May 26, 2005; amended by Ord. 08-163, Feb. 4, 2009, Eff date Feb. 20, 2009)

4.03.020 Policies and procedures

The director of finance is authorized to adopt any additional policies or procedures the director determines are necessary to implement, and are not inconsistent with, the provisions of this chapter.

(Added Amended Ord. 05-017, May 11, 2005, Eff date May 26, 2005)