Chapter 4.45


4.45.010    Assessment of service fee authorized.

4.45.020    Applicability.

4.45.030    Fee collection.

4.45.040    Fees to be deposited in current expense fund.

4.45.010 Assessment of service fee authorized.

The Snohomish county clerk, ex officio clerk of the superior court, is hereby authorized to assess a $10.00 service fee on all trust fund payments in excess of $50.00 disbursed through the superior court registry. Payment of the fee shall be the responsibility of the party depositing funds to be held in trust by the clerk of the superior court. In the event that the party responsible to pay the service fee fails to do so, or is delinquent in payment of fees, the county clerk shall not delay the disbursement of trust payments being held, but shall deduct the amount owing for service fees from said disbursement.

(Added Ord. 92-129, Nov. 4, 1992; Amended by Ord. 08-148, Nov. 24, 2008, Eff date Jan. 1, 2009).

4.45.020 Applicability.

All parties making payments through the superior court registry for disbursement to a second party are responsible for said service fee, except offenders ordered to pay restitution, participants in a county drug court who pay restitution as a condition of participation, and those parties or agencies for which processing costs are otherwise reimbursed to the county from other sources.

(Added Ord. 92-129, Nov. 4, 1992; Amended by Ord. 95-083, Oct. 11, 1995, Eff date Oct. 22, 1995; amended by Ord. 10-120, Feb. 9, 2011, Eff date Feb. 24, 2011).

4.45.030 Fee collection.

The clerk of the superior court shall adopt appropriate rules and regulations for collection of said fee. Should it prove necessary, the prosecuting attorney shall assist the county clerk in the collection of said fee.

(Added Ord. 92-129, Nov. 4, 1992).

4.45.040 Fees to be deposited in current expense fund.

All service fees so collected shall be placed in the current expense fund of Snohomish county on a monthly basis.

(Added Ord. 92-129, Nov. 4, 1992).